The 20 Largest Current Sports Contracts in the World – 2012

Alex Rodriguez, Proud Owner of the Biggest Contract in Sports

Alex Rodriguez, Proud Owner of the Biggest Contract in Sports

Drew Brees may have made a big splash, and payday, this week, inking a five year, $100 million deal with the New Orleans Saints, but in the wide world of sports, that’s a mere pittance.

These are the top 20 largest (total dollars) current sports contracts in the world, a list utterly dominated by baseball: 16 of the 21 athletes below play America’s pastime, including the top six.

Real Madrid‘s Cristiano Ronaldo breaks baseball’s streak to place seventh. He’s joined by Barcelona‘s Lionel Messi as the only world football players with mondo contracts.

American football makes a similarly brief appearance with Calvin Johnson and Michael Vick representing the gridiron.

And surprisingly, basketball’s sole representative is Rashard Lewis, owner of the biggest current contract amongst cagers, though he was just bought out of the final year.

Look at some of these guys! Are they all “werth” it?

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1. Alex Rodriguez $275,000,000 10 years (2008–2017) Baseball New York Yankees
2. Albert Pujols $240,000,000 10 years (2012–2021) Baseball L.A. Angels of Anaheim
3. Joey Votto $225,000,000 10 years (2014–2023) Baseball Cincinnati Reds
4. Prince Fielder $214,000,000 9 years (2012–2020) Baseball Detroit Tigers
5. Joe Mauer $184,000,000 8 years (2011–2018) Baseball Minnesota Twins
6. Mark Teixeira $180,000,000 8 years (2009–2016) Baseball New York Yankees
7. Cristiano Ronaldo $170,000,000 10 years (2008–2017) Assoc. Football Real Madrid CF
8. CC Sabathia $161,000,000 7 years (2009–2015) Baseball New York Yankees
9. Troy Tulowitzki $157,750,000 10 years (2011–2020) Baseball Colorado Rockies
10. Adrián González $154,000,000 7 years (2012–2018) Baseball Boston Red Sox
11. Miguel Cabrera $152,300,000 8 years (2008–2015) Baseball Detroit Tigers
12. Lionel Messi $148,800,000 8 years (2008–2016) Assoc. Football Barcelona FC
13. Carl Crawford $142,000,000 7 years (2011–2017) Baseball Boston Red Sox
14. Johan Santana $137,500,000 6 years (2008–2013) Baseball New York Mets
15. Alfonso Soriano $136,000,000 8 years (2007–2014) Baseball Chicago Cubs
16. Calvin Johnson $132,000,000 8 years (2012–2019) Amer. Football Detroit Lions
17. Michael Vick $130,000,000 10 years (2005–2014) Amer. Football Atlanta Falcons
18. Rashard Lewis $126,000,000 6 years (2007–2013) Basketball Orlando Magic
18. Vernon Wells $126,000,000 7 years (2008–2014) Baseball Toronto Blue Jays
18. Barry Zito $126,000,000 7 years (2007–2013) Baseball San Francisco Giants
18. Jayson Werth $126,000,000 7 years (2011–2017) Baseball Washington Nationals


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