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NFL: Quarterbacks with the Most Passes in a Super Bowl

Jim Kelly Holds The Record For Most Pass Attempts In A Super Bowl (XXVI)

Jim Kelly Holds The Record For Most Pass Attempts In A Super Bowl (XXVI)

Throwing a lot of passes in the Super Bowl? Well, you’re probably on the way to a loss.

More definitely equals less when it comes to pass attempts in the Big One. Out of the 20 quarterbacks who threw the ball 40 times or more in a Super Bowl, only three won it.

Someone should have told Marv Levy.

Jim Kelly threw a chicken-winged 58 times against the winning Washington Redskins in Super Bowl XXVI in a desperate attempt to avert back-to-back Super Bowl losses for his Buffalo Bills.

Two  years later Kelly threw another 50 times, in a desperate attempt to avert a fourth consecutive title defeat.

Donovan McNabb and Dan Marino are the only other two QBs to record 50 attempts in the final game of the season. Both losers.

Now a big part of this high pass-loss connection is the (failed) catchup attempt late in the game – but there’s more to it. How well do you think quarterbacks with the fewest pass attempts did in the Super Bowl W-L column? See the answer in tomorrow’s post.

1. Jim Kelly 58 XXVI (1991) Buffalo Bills Washington Redskins L 37-24
2. Donovan McNabb 51 XXXIX (2004) Philadelphia Eagles New England Patriots L 24-21
3. Jim Kelly 50 XXVIII (1993) Buffalo Bills Dallas Cowboys L 30-13
3. Dan Marino 50 XIX (1984) Miami Dolphins San Francisco 49ers L 38-16
5. Matt Hasselbeck 49 XL (2005) Seattle Seahawks Pittsburgh Steelers L 21-10
5. Stan Humphries 49 XXIX (1994) San Diego Chargers San Francisco 49ers L 49-26
5. Peyton Manning 49 XLVIII (2013) Denver Broncos Seattle Seahawks L 43-8
5. Neil O’Donnell 49 XXX (1995) Pittsburgh Steelers Dallas Cowboys L 27-17
9. Drew Bledsoe 48 XXXI (1996) New England Patriots Green Bay Packers L 35-21
9. Tom Brady 48 XXXVIII (2003) New England Patriots Carolina Panthers W 32-29
9. Tom Brady 48 XLII (2007) New England Patriots New York Giants L 17-14
12. Peyton Manning 45 XLIV (2009) Indianapolis Colts New Orleans Saints L 31-17
12. Kurt Warner 45 XXXIV (1999) St. Louis Rams Tennesse Titans W 23-16
14. Rich Gannon 44 XXXVII (2002) Oakland Raiders Tampa Bay Buccaneers L 48-21
14. Kurt Warner 44 XXXVI (2001) St. Louis Rams New England Patriots L 20-17
16. Kurt Warner 43 XLIII (2008) Arizona Cardinals Pittsburgh Steelers L 27-23
17. Brett Favre 42 XXXII (1997) Green Bay Packers Denver Broncos L 31-24
18. Tom Brady 41 XLVI (2011) New England Patriots New York Giants L 21-17
19. Eli Manning 40 XLVI (2011) New York Giants New England Patriots W 21-17
19. Ben Roethlisberger 40 XLV (2010) Pittsburgh Steelers Green Bay Packers L 31-25


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NFL: Most Sacks in a Single Super Bowl Game

Darnell Dockett Sacks Ben Roethlisberger In Super Bowl XLIII

Darnell Dockett Sacks Ben Roethlisberger In Super Bowl XLIII

Let’s clear some of the fog on Super Bowl sacks. Hidden in yesterday’s post – all-time (or career) Super Bowl sack leaders – is today’s whole list, another led by the Pittsburgh SteelersL.C. Greenwood.

Greenwood sacked Roger Staubach four times in Super Bowl X.

More recently, the Arizona CardinalsDarnell Dockett recorded three sacks in Super Bowl XLIII – in a losing effort. He’s tied with two Green Bay Packer Hall of Famers, Willie Davis and Reggie White.

Finally, there’s Tom Keating‘s 2.5 in II.

Another 24 players had two sacks in the Big Game. You can see them all at today’s source:, where I punched this query into the play index.

1. L.C. Greenwood DE 4.0 X (1975) Pittsburgh Steelers* Dallas Cowboys Roger Staubach
2. Willie Davis DE 3.0 II (1967) Green Bay Packers* Oakland Raiders Daryle Lamonica
2. Darnell Dockett DT 3.0 XLIII (2008) Arizona Cardinals Pittsburgh Steelers Ben Roethlisberger
2. Reggie White DE 3.0 XXXI (1996) Green Bay Packers* New England Patriots Drew Bledsoe
5. Tom Keating DT 2.5 II (1967) Oakland Raiders Green Bay Packers Bart Starr

* Won Super Bowl

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