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The Best Women Boxers in the World: 2013 No. 1 Rankings

American Martha Salazar Is the 2013 No. 1 Ranked Woman Heavyweight in the World

American Martha Salazar Is the 2013 No. 1 Ranked Woman Heavyweight in the World

It’s time for our third annual installment of the best women boxers in the world. We just did our third best boxers (men) a few days ago.

Just like men’s boxing in 2013, Americans have made a  leap in representation in the women’s game. Last year, not one No. 1 woman boxer was from the USA. This year, there are four, including the new heavy in town.

After reigning for two years (2011, 2012), Nigeria’s Ijeoma Egbunine is no longer the No. 1 heavyweight in the world. She has been replaced by American Martha Salazar.

Included in this year’s list is the best pound-for-pound female boxer in the world – light welterweight Holly Holm, also of the USA.

There’s been a lot of general turnover in the rankings. Only Germany’s Christina Hammer, Japan’s Naoko Fujioka, and Argentina’s Erica Anabella Farias and Yesica Yolanda Bopp are repeat rankers.

To the rest, welcome to the top.

1. Pound for Pound Holly Holm The Preacher’s Daughter USA
2. Heavyweight Martha Salazar The Shadow USA
3. Super Middleweight Christina Hammer   Germany
4. Middleweight Tori Nelson   USA
5. Light Middleweight Oxandia Castillo La Loba Dominican Republic
6. Welterweight Cecilia Braekhus First Lady Norway
7. Light Welterweight Holly Holm The Preacher’s Daughter USA
8. Lightweight Erica Anabella Farias La Pantera Argentina
9. Super Featherweight Diana Prazak   Australia
10. Featherweight Melissa Hernandez Huracan Shark Puerto Rico
11. Super Bantamweight Jackie Nava La Princesa Azteca Mexico
12. Bantamweight Irma Garcia Torbellino Mexico
13. Super Flyweight Riyo Togo   Japan
14. Flyweight Ava Knight Lady of Boxing USA
15. Light Flyweight Yesica Yolanda Bopp Tuti Argentina
16. Minimumweight Naoko Fujioka   Japan

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There is some discrepancy as to the weight ranges for women’s weight classes. Here are a few links that try to sort it out:,, and


Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and the Best Boxers in the World 2013: No. 1 Rankings for Every Weight Class

Floyd Mayweather Is Once Again the Best Boxer in the World

Floyd Mayweather Is Once Again the Best Boxer in the World

This is our third installment of the best boxers in the world (2011, 2012) and the one that reflects the greatest “transfer of power” – in changes at the top and in number of new best boxers – of the three.

Manny Pacquiao is no longer the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world, a “title” he held five straight years (2008-2012).

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. – “Pretty Boy Money” or just plain old “Money” – is once again the best pound-for-pound boxer of all. He was back in 2005-2007, too.

Since Pacquiao and Mayweather are both welterweights, that means Floyd has supplanted Manny as the best welterweight in the world, too.

There is also a new best heavyweight boxer. Wladimir Klitschko (37), the best heavyweight of the past two years, has ceded his reign to his older brother, Vitali (41).

There’s not too much competition in championship heavyweight boxing these days apparently. Sad.

Yoan Pablo Hernandez and Bernard Hopkins (48!) hold on to their respective cruiserweight and light heavyweight positions from last year, rounding out the big boys.

American boxing is hot again. After placing just three boxers in each of the past two years, the U.S. has five boxers dominating their classes in 2013.

1. Pound For Pound N/A Floyd Mayweather, Jr. USA
2. Heavyweight 200 lbs+ Vitali Klitschko Ukraine
3. Cruiserweight 200 lbs Yoan Pablo Hernandez Cuba
4. Light Heavyweight 175 lbs Bernard Hopkins USA
5. Super Middleweight 168 lbs Andre Ward USA
6. Middleweight 160 lbs Sergio Gabriel Martinez Argentina
7. Light Middleweight 154 lbs Saul Alvarez Mexico
8. Welterweight 147 lbs Floyd Mayweather, Jr. USA
9. Light Welterweight 140 lbs Lamont Peterson USA
10. Lightweight 135 lbs Adrien Broner USA
11. Super Featherweight 130 lbs Yuriorkis Gamboa Cuba
12. Featherweight 126 lbs Abner Mares Mexico
13. Super Bantamweight 122 lbs Guillermo Rigondeaux Cuba
14. Bantamweight 118 lbs Shinsuke Yamanaka Japan
15. Super Flyweight 115 lbs Juan Carlos Sanchez, Jr. Thailand
16. Flyweight 112 lbs Juan Francisco Estrada Mexico
17. Light Flyweight 108 lbs Roman Gonzalez Nicaragua
18. Minimumweight 105 lbs Katsunari Takayama Japan

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Summer Olympics: Top 20 Countries with the Most Boxing Medals

Muhammad Ali and Teofilo Stevenson, Olympic Gold Medalists for the USA and Cuba, Respectively

Muhammad Ali and Teofilo Stevenson, Olympic Gold Medalists for the USA and Cuba, Respectively

So, which countries are the most pugilistic?

The United States, Cuba and the Soviet Union have the most Summer Olympics Boxing medals of any country. The U.S. and Cuba are also way ahead of the pack in terms of Olympic gold.

Here are the top 20 countries with the most Olympic Boxing medals.

Surprises? How about Great Britain and Italy rounding out the top five in total and gold medals? France and South Korea in 12th? And, towards the bottom, Kazakhstan and Thailand making the list?

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1. United States 108 48 23 37
2 Cuba 63 32 19 12
3. Soviet Union 51 14 19 18
4. Great Britain 48 14 11 23
5. Italy 44 15 13 16
6. Poland 43 8 9 26
7. Germany 28 5 12 11
8. Romania 25 1 9 15
9. Argentina 24 7 7 10
10. Hungary 20 10 2 8
10. Russia 20 8 3 9
12. South Africa 19 6 4 9
12. France 19 4 7 8
12. South Korea 19 3 6 10
15. Bulgaria 17 4 5 8
15. Canada 17 3 7 7
17 Finland 14 2 1 11
18. Kazakhstan 13 5 4 4
18. East Germany 13 5 2 6
18. Thailand 13 4 3 6



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