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Jackie Robinson, Minnie Minoso and Players Who Broke Baseball’s Color Barrier – By Team


Jackie Robinson Brooklyn Dodgers  Los Angeles Dodgers Apr. 15, 1947
Larry Doby Cleveland Indians  Cleveland Indians Jul. 5, 1947
Hank Thompson St. Louis Browns  Baltimore Orioles Jul 17, 1947
Monte Irvin New York Giants  San Francisco Giants Jul. 8, 1949
Hank Thompson New York Giants  San Francisco Giants Jul. 8, 1949
Sam Jethroe Boston Braves  Atlanta Braves Apr. 18, 1950
Minnie Miñoso Chicago White Sox  Chicago White Sox May 1, 1951
Bob Trice Philadelphia Athletics  Oakland A’s Sep. 13, 1953
Ernie Banks Chicago Cubs  Chicago Cubs Sep. 17, 1953
Curt Roberts Pittsburgh Pirates  Pittsburgh Pirates Apr. 13, 1954
Tom Alston St. Louis Cardinals  St. Louis Cardinals Apr. 13, 1954
Nino Escalera Cincinnati Redlegs Cincinnati Reds Apr. 17, 1954
Chuck Harmon Cincinnati Redlegs Cincinnati Reds Apr. 17, 1954
Carlos Paula Washington Senators  Minnesota Twins Sep. 6, 1954
Elston Howard New York Yankees  New York Yankees Apr. 14, 1955
John Kennedy Philadelphia Phillies  Philadelphia Phillies Apr. 22, 1957
Ozzie Virgil, Sr. Detroit Tigers  Detroit Tigers Jun. 6, 1958
Pumpsie Green Boston Red Sox  Boston Red Sox Jul. 21, 1959


Major League Baseball Spring Training Leagues, Schedules and Stadiums

Avast Winter Of 2015! Baseball Is On The Way.

Avast Winter Of 2015! Baseball Is On The Way.

Brrr. Cold out there? It sure is here. We’re going down to three degrees in NYC tonight, but it’s a lot colder elsewhere in the East and other places up in the Northern Hemisphere all around the globe.

Let’s warm up with thoughts (and links) of baseball.

Pitchers and Catchers has arrived at last! Yesterday, the first five teams reported: the San Francisco Giants, Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds to Arizona’s Cactus League and the Philadelphia Phillies and Pittsburgh Pirates to Florida’s Grapefruit League.

All 30 MLB teams will report over the next few days to either of the two spring training Leagues – 15 teams apiece, divided (mostly) by East-West. See when it’s your team’s turn here.

There are a couple exceptions. The St. Louis Cardinals, over by the Gateway to the West, still play in the Grapefruit League, as do the Minnesota Twins and Houston Astros. No Eastern teams play in the Cactus League.

A handful of teams share a stadium, so you have a shot at doubling your fun if you plan on catching some preseason baseball. I’ve color-coded those below.

Check out every team’s spring training league, city, stadium and 2015 schedule in today’s list, with links to all the stadiums and schedules.

P&C lasts through the first couple of days in March, and then we go into a month of exhibition baseball.

In a return to some kind of tradition, the first regular season game of 2015 is April 5th with the Cardinals facing the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field at 8:05PM EST. Every other team plays on April 6th. There is no stuttered start to the season and, in fact, not one overseas game this time around (for the whole year).





Atlanta Braves Grapefruit Lake Buena Vista Champion Stadium (ESPN WWOSC) Schedule
Miami Marlins Grapefruit Jupiter Roger Dean Stadium Schedule
New York Mets Grapefruit Port St. Lucie Tradition Field Schedule
Philadelphia Phillies Grapefruit Clearwater Bright House Field Schedule
Washington Nationals Grapefruit Viera Space Coast Stadium Schedule
Chicago Cubs Cactus Mesa Sloan Park Schedule
Cincinnati Reds Cactus Goodyear Goodyear Ballpark Schedule
Milwaukee Brewers Cactus Phoenix Maryvale Baseball Park Schedule
Pittsburgh Pirates Grapefruit Bradenton McKechnie Field Schedule
St. Louis Cardinals Grapefruit Jupiter Roger Dean Stadium Schedule
Arizona Diamondbacks Cactus Scottsdale Salt River Fields Schedule
Colorado Rockies Cactus Scottsdale Salt River Fields Schedule
Los Angeles Dodgers Cactus Glendale Camelback Ranch Schedule
San Diego Padres Cactus Peoria Peoria Sports Complex Schedule
San Francisco Giants Cactus Scottsdale Scottsdale Stadium Schedule





Baltimore Orioles Grapefruit Sarasota Ed Smith Stadium Schedule
Boston Red Sox Grapefruit Fort Myers JetBlue Park Schedule
New York Yankees Grapefruit Tampa George M. Steinbrenner Field Schedule
Tampa Bay Rays Grapefruit Port Charlotte Charlotte Sports Park Schedule
Toronto Blue Jays Grapefruit Dunedin Florida Auto Exchange Stadium Schedule
Detroit Tigers Grapefruit Lakeland Joker Marchant Stadium Schedule
Chicago White Sox Cactus Glendale Camelback Ranch Schedule
Cleveland Indians Cactus Goodyear Goodyear Ballpark Schedule
Kansas City Royals Cactus Surprise Surprise Stadium Schedule
Minnesota Twins Grapefruit Fort Myers Hammond Stadium Schedule
Houston Astros Grapefruit Kissimmee Osceola County Stadium Schedule
Los Angeles Angels Cactus Tempe Tempe Diablo Stadium Schedule
Oakland Athletics Cactus Phoenix Hohokam Stadium Schedule
Seattle Mariners Cactus Peoria Peoria Sports Complex Schedule
Texas Rangers Cactus Surprise Surprise Stadium Schedule


Giancarlo Stanton and the Biggest Current Contracts in Baseball (2015)

Giancarlo Stanton Scores...The Biggest Contract In Sports History

Giancarlo Stanton Scores…The Biggest Contract In Sports History

Just when you thought there was no one left worthy of a super-megacontract, comes along the biggest contract in baseball history, one that breaks through the $300 million ceiling for the first time.

The Miami Marlins have locked up rightfielder Giancarlo Stanton for the next 13 years at a cost of a back-loaded $325 million cannolis.

It’s the largest current and ever MLB contract – and, by the way, also the largest contract in all of global sports history. AND, he’s only 25 years old, the youngest dude on this page.

What did Stanton do to deserve this? I mean, not THAT much. Sure he’s got the power, but he’s lacking in other areas by more than a little bit – and he strikes out a lot. Here are his basics:

2010 100 45 93 21 22 59 123 .259 .326 .507 .833
2011 150 79 135 30 34 87 166 .262 .356 .537 .893
2012 123 75 130 30 37 86 143 .290 .361 .608 .969
2013 116 62 106 26 24 62 140 .249 .365 .480 .845
2014 145 89 155 31 37 105 170 .288 .395 .555 .950


Stanton is now baseball’s only $300 million man. Only one other current contract is over $250 million – and that is in the hands of a player who played exactly 0 games in 2014.

New York Yankees‘ suspensionee and now-admitted steroid man, Alex Rodriguez, still has three years left on a $275 million deal.

Detroit Tigers‘ 2012 triple-crown winner Miguel Cabrera* signed an extension just before the 2014 season – one that begins in 2016 and places him third overall below. But Cabrera is on today’s list of the “top 20″ biggest current contracts in baseball twice because his current $152.3 contract hasn’t expired yet (so it’s really a top 21).

All together, eight players have contracts of $200M or more.

Of all 21, only six are pitchers. What? Doesn’t pitching win championships? The most lucrative position? That would be first base with nine part- or full-time reps.

The Yankees represent the most big contracts below with five, followed by the Los Angeles Dodgers with  four.

1. Giancarlo Stanton 25 RF $325M (13) 2015-2027 Miami Marlins 145
2. Alex Rodriguez 39 3B $275M (10) 2008-2017 New York Yankees 0
3. Miguel Cabrera* 31 1B/3B/DH $248M (8) 2016-2023 Detroit Tigers 159
4. Albert Pujols 34 1B/DH $240M (10) 2012-2021 Los Angeles Angels 159
4. Robinson Cano 32 2B $240M (10) 2014-2023 Seattle Mariners 157
6. Joey Votto 31 1B $225M (10) 2014-2023 Cincinnati Reds 62
7. Clayton Kershaw 26 LHP $215M (7) 2014-2020 Los Angeles Dodgers 27
8. Prince Fielder 30 1B $214M (9) 2012-2020 Texas Rangers 42
9. Joe Mauer 31 1B/DH $184M (8) 2011-2018 Minnesota Twins 120
10. Mark Teixeira 34 1B $180M (8) 2009-2016 New York Yankees 123
10. Justin Verlander 31 RHP $180M (7) 2013-2019 Detroit Tigers 32
12. Felix Hernandez 28 RHP $175M (7) 2013-2019 Seattle Mariners 34
13. Buster Posey 27 C/1B $167M (9) 2013-2021 San Francisco Giants 147
14. CC Sabathia 34 LHP $161M (7) 2009-2015 New York Yankees 8
15. Matt Kemp 30 RF/LF/CF $160M (8) 2012-2019 Los Angeles Dodgers 150
16. Troy Tulowitzki 30 SS $157.8M (10) 2011-2020 Colorado Rockies 91
17. Masahiro Tanaka 26 RHP $155M (7) 2014-2020 New York Yankees 20
18. Adrian Gonzalez 32 1B $154M (7) 2012-2018 Los Angeles Dodgers 159
19. Jacoby Ellsbury 31 CF $153M (7) 2014-2020 New York Yankees 149
20. Miguel Cabrera* 31 1B/3B/DH $152.3M (8) 2008-2015 Detroit Tigers 159
21. Zack Greinke 31 RHP $147M (6) 2013-2018 Los Angeles Dodgers 32

^ Age at the time of this original posting Nov. 19, 2014

Source:, which lists the all-time list of baseball’s biggest contracts.



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