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The Top-Selling NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL Jerseys (2014-2015)

NBA (2014-15)

1. LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers SF-PF Akron, OH
2. Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors PG Akron, OH
3. Kevin Durant Oklahoma City Thunder SF Washington, D.C.
4. Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers SG Philadelphia, PA
5. Derrick Rose Chicago Bulls PG Chicago, IL
6. Kyrie Irving Cleveland Cavaliers PG Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
7. Carmelo Anthony New York Knicks SF-PF New York, NY
8. Tim Duncan San Antonio Spurs PF-C St. Croix, US VIRGIN ISLANDS
9. Dwyane Wade Miami Heat SG Chicago, IL
10. Blake Griffin Los Angeles Clippers PF Oklahoma City, OK


MLB (2014)

1. Derek Jeter New York Yankees SS Pequannock, NJ
2. Clayton Kershaw Los Angeles Dodgers LHP Dallas, TX
3. Mike Trout Los Angeles Angels CF Vineland, NJ
4. Buster Posey San Francisco Giants C Leesburg, GA
5. Yasiel Puig Los Angeles Dodgers RF Cienfuegos, CUBA
6. David Ortiz Boston Red Sox DH Santo Domingo, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
7. Andrew McCutchen Pittsburgh Pirates CF Fort Meade, FL
8. Miguel Cabrera Detroit Tigers 1B-3B Maracay, VENEZUELA
9. Yoenis Cespedes Oakland A’s / Boston Red Sox LF Campechuela, CUBA
10. Dustin Pedroia Boston Red Sox 2B Woodland, CA


NFL (2014)

1. Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks QB Richmond, VA
2. Peyton Manning Denver Broncos QB New Orleans, LA
3. Colin Kaepernick San Francisco 49ers QB Milwaukee, WI
4. Tom Brady New England Patriots QB San Mateo, CA
5. Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers QB Chico, CA
6. Dez Bryant Dallas Cowboys WR Lufkin, TX
7. Johnny Manziel Cleveland Browns QB Tyler, TX
8. Drew Brees New Orleans Saints QB Austin, TX
9. Jason Witten Dallas Cowboys TE Elizabethton, TN
10. J.J. Watt Houston Texans DE Pewaukee, WI


NHL (2014-15)

1. Patrick Kane Chicago Blackhawks RW Buffalo, NY
2. Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh Penguins C Cole Harbour, CANADA
3. Jonathan Toews Chicago Blackhawks C Winnipeg, CANADA
4. Henrik Lundqvist New York Rangers G Are, SWEDEN
5. Alex Ovechkin Washington Capitals LW Moscow, RUSSIA
6. Evgeni Malkin Pittsburgh Penguins C Magnitogorsk, RUSSIA
7. Claude Giroux Philadelphia Flyers RW Hearst, CANADA
8. Patrice Bergeron Boston Bruins C Ancienne-Lorette, CANADA
9. Pavel Datsyuk Detroit Red Wings C Sverdlovsk, RUSSIA
10. Anze Kopitar Los Angeles Kings C Jesenice, YUGOSLAVIA


Sports List of the Day’s Top 20 Posts of 2014

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5. The Top 20 Biggest Shutouts in NFL History
6. Ray Lewis and Top 20 Players with the Most Tackles in NFL History
7. NFL: Top 20 Players with the Most Super Bowl Rings
8. College Football: Schools with the Most Championships All Time
9. NFL: Teams with the Most Super Bowl Appearances
10. NBA Players with Most Seasons Played in History
11. NBA Finals: Top 20 Players with the Most Championship Rings
12. NFL: Tight Ends with the Most Receiving Yards (Career)
13. NFL: 10 Oldest Quarterbacks in Super Bowl History (Main QBs)
14. Stanley Cup Finals: Top 20 Players with the Most Stanley Cups
15. NFL: Back-to-Back Super Bowl Champions and Losers
16. Top 20 Winningest Coaches in NHL History
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The 20 Best Sports Movies of All Time: ESPN, IMDB, FOX Sports, and Bleacher Report

And what are the best sports movies of all time? There is no consensus from the experts on the bunch, especially in the ranking order.

  ESPN (2012) IMDB (2014) FOX (2014) Bleacher Report (2014)
1. Bull Durham 1. Bull Durham 1. Hoosiers 1. Raging Bull
2. Rocky 2. Raging Bull 2. Raging Bull 2. Hoop Dreams
3. Raging Bull 3. Field of Dreams 3. Rocky 3. Rocky
4. Hoosiers 4. Rocky 4. Major League 4. The Hustler
5. Slap Shot 5. A League of Their Own 5. Hoop Dreams 5. Eight Men Out
6. The Natural 6. Hoosiers 6. Million Dollar Baby 6. Murderball
7. Field of Dreams 7. Breaking Away 7. Bull Durham 7. Bull Durham
8. Caddyshack 8. Hoop Dreams 8. Field of Dreams 8. Hoosiers
9. The Hustler 9. Eight Men Out 9. A League of Their Own 9. Field of Dreams
10. The Longest Yard 10. Chariots of Fire 10. Seabiscuit 10. When We Were Kings
11. North Dallas Forty 11. The Karate Kid 11. White Men Can’t Jump 11. The Fighter
12. Jerry Maguire 12. Miracle 12. Jerry Maguire 12. The Color of Money
13. Hoop Dreams 13. National Velvet 13. Rudy 13. Breaking Away
14. Breaking Away 14. North Dallas Forty 14. Friday Night Lights 14. The Karate Kid
15. White Men Can’t Jump 15. Caddyshack 15. Cinderella Man 15. Major League
16. The Bad News Bears 16. Slap Shot 16. Miracle 16. The Wrestler
17. Chariots of Fire 17. The Natural 17. The Natural 17. Caddyshack
18. Brian’s Song 18. Rudy 18. Caddyshack 18. The Sandlot
19. Eight Men Out 19. When We Were Kings 19. Chariots of Fire 19. Slap Shot
20. When We Were Kings 20. Brian’s Song 20. The Karate Kid 20. Baseball (Ken Burns)



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