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Longest Home-Court Winning Streaks in College Basketball History (and the Longest Current Ones, Too)

The 1947-48 Kentucky Wildcats Won All Their Home Games...And The National Title

The 1947-48 Kentucky Wildcats Won All Their Home Games…And The National Title

You think that Duke 41-game home-court winning streak was something? Pshaw. That’s nothing.

The longest college basketball home win streak ever is more than three times as great. It’s Kentucky. The Wildcats hold so many team records, and here’s yet another one. And they won three National Championships in the middle of their record stretch.

Including Kentucky at the top with 129 home wins in a row (over 12 years!), seven streaks have been at least nearly twice as long as Duke’s. (80 games and up).

That includes another group of Wildcats prominent here. Arizona holds two of the longest home win streaks ever and the third current longest, too.

The game and competition have changed much over time. Do you think we’ll see streaks like the all-time top 10 again?

UPDATED LIST: Through Feb. 9, 2014. The four current longest streaks are still going.


1. Kentucky Wildcats 129 1943-1955
2. St. Bonaventure Bonnies 99 1948-1961
3. UCLA Bruins 98 1970-1976
4. Cincinnati Bearcats 86 1957-1964
5. Arizona Wildcats 81 1945-1951
5. Marquette Golden Eagles 81 1967-1973
7. Lamar Cardinals 80 1978-1984
8. Long Beach State 49ers 75 1969-1974
9. UNLV Runnin’ Rebels 72 1974-1978
10. Arizona Wildcats 71 1987-1992



1. Gonzaga Bulldogs 38 2012-Present
2. Arizona Wildcats 34 2013-Present
3. North Carolina Central Eagles 32 2013-Present
4. Wichita State Shockers 29 2013-Present

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2014-15 NCAA College Basketball Preseason Rankings: Top 25

The University Of Kentucky Wildcats Are (Once Again) The Preseason Favorites To Win The NCAA Championship In 2014-15

The University Of Kentucky Wildcats Are (Once Again) The Preseason Favorites To Win The NCAA Championship In 2014-15

What with the NFL season (always dominating this time of year and round the year, for that matter) and the starts of the NBA and NHL seasons, college basketball is a bit on the backburner of most people’s minds.

But we’re already three weeks in, and it’s a bit overdue to take a look at how things were supposed to stack up in 2014-15. Not much has changed, so far. These early games are often mismatches.

You can see today’s rankings (as of the date of this post, i.e., Week 3) here and also where everybody ranks at any point in the season over at ESPN‘s nicely streamlined rankings page, which is updated weekly as soon as the numbers are available.

And so, as we do every year at Sports List of the Day (2013-14, 2012-13), let’s check out 2014-15’s preseason rankings compared with how each of the teams left off last year.

Kentucky is again the preseason favorite. What’s crazy is, the Wildcats finished unranked in 2013-14 (even though they were the preseason favorites) but still made it into the NCAA Tournament as an eighth seed. They went all the way to the Finals, losing to the now-reigning champion Connecticut Huskies.

That’s not the only reason Kentucky is ranked high. Here’s a superb preview on this year’s version of the team courtesy Kyle Tucker of the Courier-Journal.

And on top of all that, there’s even serious discussion out there as to whether Kentucky can beat the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers, who are really achieving new franchise lows by the day. I suggest they do not agree to a game…just in case.

As for the champs, UConn, they are ranked 17th heading in.

Enjoy the season.

1. Kentucky NR 8 (Midwest) Lost National Championship to Connecticut
2. Arizona 4 1 (West) Lost in Elite 8 to Wisconsin
3. Wisconsin 12 2 (West) Lost in Final Four to Kentucky
4. Duke 8 3 (Midwest) Lost in Round of 64 to Mercer
5. Kansas 10 2 (South) Lost in Round of 32 to Stanford
6. North Carolina 19 6 (East) Lost in Round of 32 to Iowa St.
7. Florida 1 1 (South) Lost in Final Four to Connecticut
8. Louisville 5 4 (Midwest) Lost in Sweet 16 to Kentucky
9. Virginia 3 1 (East) Lost in Sweet 16 to Michigan St.
10. Texas NR 7 (Midwest) Lost in Round of 32 to Michigan
11. Wichita St. 2 1 (Midwest) Lost in Round of 32 to Kentucky
12. Villanova 6 2 (East) Lost in Round of 32 to Connecticut
13. Gonzaga NR 8 (West) Lost in Round of 32 to Arizona
14. Iowa State 9 3 (East) Lost in Sweet 16 to Connecticut
15. Virginia Commonwealth 24 No Berth No Berth
16. San Diego St. 13 4 (West) Lost in Sweet 16 to Arizona
17. Connecticut 18 7 (East) WON NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP over Kentucky
18. Michigan St. 11 4 (East) Lost in Elite 8 to Connecticut
19. Oklahoma 21 5 (West) Lost in Round of 64 to North Dakota St.
20. Ohio State 22 6 (South) Lost in Round of 64 to Dayton
21. Nebraska NR 11 (West) Lost in Round of 64 to Baylor
22. SMU NR No Berth No Berth
23. Syracuse 14 3 (South) Lost in Round of 32 to Dayton
24. Michigan 7 2 (Midwest) Lost in Elite 8 to Kentucky
25. Harvard NR 12 (East) Lost in Round of 32 to Michigan St.
25. Utah NR No Berth No Berth



Cincinnati 15 5 (East) Lost in Round of 64 to Harvard
Creighton 16 3 (West) Lost in Round of 32 to Baylor
New Mexico 17 7 (South) Lost in Round of 64 to Stanford
UCLA 20 4 (South) Lost in Sweet 16 to Florida
Baylor 23 6 (West) Lost in Sweet 16 to Wisconsin
St. Louis 25 5 (Midwest) Lost in Round of 32 to Louisville

* The “Final 2013-14 rank” is pre-tournament.


NBA Draft: Schools with the Most No. 1 Picks

Andrew Wiggins And Danny Manning: No. 1 Picks Out Of Kansas

Andrew Wiggins And Danny Manning: No. 1 Picks Out Of Kansas

Andrew Wiggins is the second No. 1 pick out of Kansas, following Danny Manning back in 1988.

The Jayhawks join 16 other schools that have had two No. 1 picks. Another 26 schools have had one.

But it’s Duke that has offered the NBA the most No. 1 picks, surprisingly only three, though: Kyrie Irving, Elton Brand and Art Heyman.

There are five more first picks (in the second list below) that were drafted either out of high school or from an international team, in a flurry of this early-draft activity in the early 2000’s. In fact, these five No. 1 picks were drafted within a six-year span (2001-2006).

There’s a reason this has stopped. The latest CBA eligibility rules covering the draft were changed beginning with the 2007 draft. Draftees must be at least 19 now and a year past high school graduation.

By the way, many players – not just those five picks – were drafted out of high school or from international teams all over the board and over the years. So, the changes have really impacted the process and the face (a slightly more mature one) of the draft.


1. Duke 3 Kyrie Irving 2011 Cleveland Cavaliers
      Elton Brand 1999 Chicago Bulls
      Art Heyman 1963 New York Knicks
2. Cincinnati 2 Kenyon Martin 2000 New Jersey Nets
      Oscar Robertson 1960 Cincinnati Royals
2. Duquesne 2 Si Green 1956 Rochester Royals
      Dick Ricketts 1955 St. Louis Hawks
2. Georgetown 2 Allen Iverson 1996 Philadelphia 76ers
      Patrick Ewing 1985 New York Knicks
2. Houston 2 Hakeem Olajuwon 1984 Houston Rockets
      Elvin Hayes 1968 San Diego Rockets
2. Indiana 2 Kent Benson 1977 Milwaukee Bucks
      Walt Bellamy 1961 Chicago Packers
2. Kansas 2 Andrew Wiggins 2014 Cleveland Cavaliers
      Danny Manning 1988 Los Angeles Clippers
2. Kansas State 2 Bob Boozer 1959 Cincinnati Royals
      Howie Shannon 1949 Providence Steam Rollers
2. Kentucky 2 Anthony Davis 2012 New Orleans Hornets
      John Wall 2010 Washington Wizards
2. Maryland 2 Joe Smith 1995 Golden State Warriors
      John Lucas 1976 Houston Rockets
2. Michigan 2 Chris Webber 1993 Orlando Magic
      Cazzie Russell 1966 New York Knicks
2. North Carolina 2 Brad Daugherty 1986 Cleveland Cavaliers
      James Worthy 1982 Los Angeles Lakers
2. Purdue 2 Glenn Robinson 1994 Milwaukee Bucks
      Joe Barry Carroll 1980 Golden State Warriors
2. UCLA 2 Bill Walton 1974 Portland Trail Blazers
      Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 1969 Milwaukee Bucks
2. UNLV 2 Anthony Bennett 2013 Cleveland Cavaliers
      Larry Johnson 1991 Charlotte Hornets
2. Utah 2 Andrew Bogut 2005 Milwaukee Bucks
      Bill McGill 1962 Chicago Zephyrs
2. UTEP 2 Jim Barnes 1964 New York Knicks
      Clifton McNeeley 1947 Pittsburgh Ironmen
2. West Virginia 2 Hot Rod Hundley 1957 Cincinnati Royals
      Mark Workman 1952 Milwaukee Hawks
19. Bowling Green 1 Chuck Share 1950 Boston Celtics
19. Bradley 1 Gene Melchiorre 1951 Baltimore Bullets
19. Davidson 1 Fred Hetzel 1965 San Francisco Warriors
19. DePaul 1 Mark Aguirre 1981 Dallas Mavericks
19. Furman 1 Frank Selvy 1954 Baltimore Bullets
19. Illinois State 1 Doug Collins 1973 Philadelphia 76ers
19. LIU 1 Ray Felix 1953 Baltimore Bullets
19. Louisiana State 1 Shaquille O’Neal 1992 Orlando Magic
19. Louisville 1 Pervis Ellison 1989 Sacramento Kings
19. Loyola of Chicago 1 LaRue Martin 1972 Portland Trail Blazers
19. Marshall 1 Andy Tonkovich 1948 Providence Steam Rollers
19. Memphis 1 Derrick Rose 2008 Chicago Bulls
19. Michigan State 1 Magic Johnson 1979 Los Angeles Lakers
19. Minnesota 1 Mychal Thompson 1978 Portland Trail Blazers
19. Navy 1 David Robinson 1987 San Antonio Spurs
19. North Carolina State 1 David Thompson 1975 Atlanta Hawks
19. Notre Dame 1 Austin Carr 1971 Cleveland Cavaliers
19. Oklahoma 1 Blake Griffin 2009 Los Angeles Clippers
19. Ohio State 1 Greg Oden 2007 Portland Trail Blazers
19. Providence 1 Jimmy Walker 1967 Detroit Pistons
19. Seattle 1 Elgin Baylor 1958 Minneapolis Lakers
19. St. Bonaventure 1 Bob Lanier 1970 Detroit Pistons
19. Syracuse 1 Derrick Coleman 1990 New Jersey Nets
19. University of the Pacific 1 Michael Olowokandi 1998 Los Angeles Clippers
19. Virginia 1 Ralph Sampson 1983 Houston Rockets
19. Wake Forest 1 Tim Duncan 1997 San Antonio Spurs


1. Benetton Treviso (Italy) Andrea Bargnani 2006 Toronto Raptors
2. Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy (Georgia) Dwight Howard 2004 Orlando Magic
3. Saint Vincent-Saint Mary High School (Ohio) LeBron James 2003 Cleveland Cavaliers
4. Shanghai Sharks (China) Yao Ming 2002 Houston Rockets
5. Glynn Academy High School (Georgia) Kwame Brown 2001 Washington Wizards

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