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NFL: Every Team’s Current Top-Selling Jersey

Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald WR
Atlanta Falcons* Matt Ryan QB
Baltimore Ravens Joe Flacco QB
Buffalo Bills* LeSean McCoy RB
Carolina Panthers Cam Newton QB
Chicago Bears Brandon Marshall WR
Cincinnati Bengals Devon Still DT
Cleveland Browns Johnny Manziel QB
Dallas Cowboys Dez Bryant WR
Denver Broncos Peyton Manning QB
Detroit Lions Calvin Johnson WR
Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers QB
Houston Texans J.J. Watt DE
Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck QB
Jacksonville Jaguars* Marqise Lee WR
Kansas City Chiefs Jamaal Charles RB
Miami Dolphins Ryan Tannehill QB
Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson RB
New England Patriots Tom Brady QB
New Orleans Saints Drew Brees QB
New York Giants Odell Beckham Jr WR
New York Jets* Darrelle Revis CB
Oakland Raiders* Derek Carr QB
Philadelphia Eagles LeSean McCoy RB
Pittsburgh Steelers Ben Roethlisberger QB
San Diego Chargers Philip Rivers QB
San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick QB
Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson QB
St. Louis Rams* Nick Foles QB
Tampa Bay Buccaneers* Lavonte David LB
Tennessee Titans* Kendall Wright WR
Washington Redskins Robert Griffin III QB

Tom Brady, Joe Montana and Players with Multiple Super Bowl MVPs

Tom Brady And Joe Montana Have Won Three Super Bowl MVPs

Tom Brady And Joe Montana Have Won Three Super Bowl MVPs

Let’s wrap up the football season here at Sports List of the Day (sure, there’ll be a new NFL post around here and there) – but with the Super Bowl and the 2014 season over, here’s one for the road (or offseason, if you will).

More than half (27) of the Super Bowl MVPs have been quarterbacks. Aside from spectacular performances and directing the offense, they are occasionally the default choice.

With those kind of odds, it’s not a great surprise that all five players who have taken the Super Bowl MVP more than once (not easy to do considering you actually have to win the Super Bowl more than once in the first place) are quarterbacks.

Tom Brady won his third yesterday, continuing the career comparison with another three-time SB MVP winner, Joe Montana.

Eli Manning took both awards in the New York Giants‘ two wins over Brady’s New England Patriots.

Terry Bradshaw won two MVP’s out of his four wins with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Bart Starr won his back-to-back in the first two Super Bowls.

1. Tom Brady 3 New England Patriots XXXVI (2001) 16/27 145 1/0
        XXXVIII (2003) 32/48 354 3/1
        XLIX (2014) 37/50 328 4/2
1. Joe Montana 3 San Francisco 49ers XVI (1981) 14/22 157 1/0
        XIX (1984) 24/35 331 3/0
        XXIV (1989) 22/29 297 5/0
3. Eli Manning 2 New York Giants XLII (2007) 19/34 255 2/1
        XLVI (2011) 30/40 296 1/0
3. Terry Bradshaw 2 Pittsburgh Steelers XIII (1978) 17/30 318 4/1
        XIV (1979) 14/21 309 2/3
3. Bart Starr 2 Green Bay Packers I (1966) 16/23 250 2/1
        II (1967) 13/24 202 1/0


Quarterbacks and Super Bowl MVP’s by Position

And He's Gone...Desmond Howard Returns It 99 Yards For The TD And Takes Home Super Bowl XXXI MVP

And He’s Gone…Desmond Howard Returns It 99 Yards For The TD And Takes Home Super Bowl XXXI MVP

It’s Super Bowl Sunday! Thanks for following Sports List of the Day throughout all the NFL playoffs!

Today, let’s look at the Super Bowl MVP.

Tom Brady has won his third today with a 328-yard, four touchdown performance (multiple winners here) – it’s the 27th time the award has gone to the quarterback, most of any position by far.

Twenty different QBs have won. If there’s no conspicuous standout by the end of the game, often the award goes to the quarterback, so that helps up the numbers.

Hard to believe, but only seven running backs have won the SB MVP – none in 18 years. Wow. Who would think that? So much for the critical running game in winning a title, at least in today’s game.

Nine defensive players have won it, divided amongst four positions, and Desmond Howard‘s big Super Bowl XXXI, capped off by a 99-yard kick return touchdown to put away the New England Patriots, puts one in the KR column.

Check out all the MVPs’ statistical highlights at my source,

1. QB 27 Tom Brady New England Patriots XLIX 2014
Joe Flacco Baltimore Ravens XLVII 2012
Eli Manning New York Giants XLVI 2011
Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers XLV 2010
Drew Brees New Orleans Saints XLIV 2009
Eli Manning New York Giants XLII 2007
Peyton Manning Indianapolis Colts XLI 2006
Tom Brady New England Patriots XXXVIII 2003
Tom Brady New England Patriots XXXVI 2001
Kurt Warner St. Louis Rams XXXIV 1999
John Elway Denver Broncos XXXIII 1998
Steve Young San Francisco 49ers XXIX 1994
Troy Aikman Dallas Cowboys XXVII 1992
Mark Rypien Washington Redskins XXVI 1991
Joe Montana San Francisco 49ers XXIV 1989
Doug Williams Washington Redskins XXII 1987
Phil Simms New York Giants XXI 1986
Joe Montana San Francisco 49ers XIX 1984
Joe Montana San Francisco 49ers XVI 1981
Jim Plunkett Oakland Raiders XV 1980
Terry Bradshaw Pittsburgh Steelers XIV 1979
Terry Bradshaw Pittsburgh Steelers XIII 1978
Roger Staubach Dallas Cowboys VI 1971
Len Dawson Kansas City Chiefs IV 1969
Joe Namath New York Jets III 1968
Bart Starr Green Bay Packers II 1967
Bart Starr Green Bay Packers I 1966
2. RB 7 Terrell Davis Denver Broncos XXXII 1997
Emmitt Smith Dallas Cowboys XXVIII 1993
Ottis Anderson New York Giants XXV 1990
Marcus Allen Los Angeles Raiders XVIII 1983
John Riggins Washington Redskins XVII 1982
Franco Harris Pittsburgh Steelers IX 1974
Larry Csonka Miami Dolphins VIII 1973
3. WR 6 Santonio Holmes Pittsburgh Steelers XLIII 2008
Hines Ward Pittsburgh Steelers XL 2005
Deion Branch New England Patriots XXXIX 2004
Jerry Rice San Francisco 49ers XXIII 1988
Fred Biletnikoff Oakland Raiders XI 1976
Lynn Swann Pittsburgh Steelers X 1975
4. DB 3 Dexter Jackson Tampa Bay Buccaneers XXXVII 2002
Larry Brown Dallas Cowboys XXX 1995
Jake Scott Miami Dolphins VII 1972
4. LB 3 Malcolm Smith Seattle Seahawks XLVIII 2013
Ray Lewis Baltimore Ravens XXXV 2000
Chuck Howley Baltimore Colts V 1970
6. DE 2 Richard Dent Chicago Bears XX 1985
Harvey Martin (T) Dallas Cowboys XII 1977
7. DT 1 Randy White (T) Dallas Cowboys XII 1977
7. KR/PR 1 Desmond Howard Green Bay Packers XXXI 1996

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