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The 20 Biggest Blowouts in NBA Finals History

Neither Team - The Chicago Bulls Nor The Utah Jazz - Scored 100 Points In The NBA Finals' Biggest Blowout

Neither Team – The Chicago Bulls Nor The Utah Jazz – Scored 100 Points In The NBA Finals’ Biggest Blowout

Jumping the gun here but what the heck. Let’s look at the NBA Finals biggest blowouts of all time. We’ll check back in a couple of months for a video look.

Only one game in 68 years of Finals was decided by more than 40 points. On the way to their sixth title in 1998, Michael Jordan‘s Chicago Bulls whomped the Utah Jazz by 42 in a relatively low-scoring affair, 96-54, in Game 3.

All together, 21 NBA Finals games have been decided by 25 points or more, listed below. Every winner was the home team and only five of the blowouts have taken place since 2000.

What about the biggest blowouts in regular and postseason history? Right here and here.

Thanks to, where I queried this, and where you can see every Finals point differential of 15 or more.

1. 42 Chicago Bulls* 96 Utah Jazz 54 1997-98 3
2. 39 Boston Celtics* 131 Los Angeles Lakers 92 2007-08 6**
3. 36 San Antonio Spurs 113 Miami Heat* 77 2012-13 3
4. 35 Washington Bullets* 117 Seattle SuperSonics 82 1977-78 6
5. 34 Boston Celtics* 129 St. Louis Hawks 95 1960-61 1
5. 34 Boston Celtics 148 Los Angeles Lakers* 114 1984-85 1
7. 33 Boston Celtics* 129 Los Angeles Lakers 96 1964-65 5**
7. 33 Philadelphia 76ers 135 Los Angeles Lakers* 102 1981-82 5
7. 33 Los Angeles Lakers 137 Boston Celtics* 104 1983-84 3
7. 33 Chicago Bulls* 122 Portland Trail Blazers 89 1991-92 1
7. 33 Indiana Pacers 120 Los Angeles Lakers* 87 1999-00 5
12. 32 Boston Celtics* 142 Los Angeles Lakers 110 1964-65 1
12. 32 Portland Trail Blazers* 130 Philadelphia 76ers 98 1976-77 4
14. 31 Philadelphia 76ers* 126 San Francisco Warriors 95 1966-67 2
14. 31 Detroit Pistons 102 San Antonio Spurs* 71 2004-05 4
16. 29 Boston Celtics* 109 Houston Rockets 80 1980-81 5
17. 27 Rochester Royals* 92 New York Knicks 65 1950-51 1
18. 25 Boston Celtics* 127 St. Louis Hawks 102 1959-60 5
18. 25 Los Angeles Lakers* 136 Boston Celtics 111 1984-85 3
18. 25 Detroit Pistons 111 Los Angeles Lakers* 86 1987-88 4
18. 25 Los Angeles Lakers* 100 Orlando Magic 75 2008-09 1

* Won NBA Finals

** Final game of series


Major League Baseball Spring Training Leagues, Schedules and Stadiums

Avast Winter Of 2015! Baseball Is On The Way.

Avast Winter Of 2015! Baseball Is On The Way.

Brrr. Cold out there? It sure is here. We’re going down to three degrees in NYC tonight, but it’s a lot colder elsewhere in the East and other places up in the Northern Hemisphere all around the globe.

Let’s warm up with thoughts (and links) of baseball.

Pitchers and Catchers has arrived at last! Yesterday, the first five teams reported: the San Francisco Giants, Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds to Arizona’s Cactus League and the Philadelphia Phillies and Pittsburgh Pirates to Florida’s Grapefruit League.

All 30 MLB teams will report over the next few days to either of the two spring training Leagues – 15 teams apiece, divided (mostly) by East-West. See when it’s your team’s turn here.

There are a couple exceptions. The St. Louis Cardinals, over by the Gateway to the West, still play in the Grapefruit League, as do the Minnesota Twins and Houston Astros. No Eastern teams play in the Cactus League.

A handful of teams share a stadium, so you have a shot at doubling your fun if you plan on catching some preseason baseball. I’ve color-coded those below.

Check out every team’s spring training league, city, stadium and 2015 schedule in today’s list, with links to all the stadiums and schedules.

P&C lasts through the first couple of days in March, and then we go into a month of exhibition baseball.

In a return to some kind of tradition, the first regular season game of 2015 is April 5th with the Cardinals facing the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field at 8:05PM EST. Every other team plays on April 6th. There is no stuttered start to the season and, in fact, not one overseas game this time around (for the whole year).





Atlanta Braves Grapefruit Lake Buena Vista Champion Stadium (ESPN WWOSC) Schedule
Miami Marlins Grapefruit Jupiter Roger Dean Stadium Schedule
New York Mets Grapefruit Port St. Lucie Tradition Field Schedule
Philadelphia Phillies Grapefruit Clearwater Bright House Field Schedule
Washington Nationals Grapefruit Viera Space Coast Stadium Schedule
Chicago Cubs Cactus Mesa Sloan Park Schedule
Cincinnati Reds Cactus Goodyear Goodyear Ballpark Schedule
Milwaukee Brewers Cactus Phoenix Maryvale Baseball Park Schedule
Pittsburgh Pirates Grapefruit Bradenton McKechnie Field Schedule
St. Louis Cardinals Grapefruit Jupiter Roger Dean Stadium Schedule
Arizona Diamondbacks Cactus Scottsdale Salt River Fields Schedule
Colorado Rockies Cactus Scottsdale Salt River Fields Schedule
Los Angeles Dodgers Cactus Glendale Camelback Ranch Schedule
San Diego Padres Cactus Peoria Peoria Sports Complex Schedule
San Francisco Giants Cactus Scottsdale Scottsdale Stadium Schedule





Baltimore Orioles Grapefruit Sarasota Ed Smith Stadium Schedule
Boston Red Sox Grapefruit Fort Myers JetBlue Park Schedule
New York Yankees Grapefruit Tampa George M. Steinbrenner Field Schedule
Tampa Bay Rays Grapefruit Port Charlotte Charlotte Sports Park Schedule
Toronto Blue Jays Grapefruit Dunedin Florida Auto Exchange Stadium Schedule
Detroit Tigers Grapefruit Lakeland Joker Marchant Stadium Schedule
Chicago White Sox Cactus Glendale Camelback Ranch Schedule
Cleveland Indians Cactus Goodyear Goodyear Ballpark Schedule
Kansas City Royals Cactus Surprise Surprise Stadium Schedule
Minnesota Twins Grapefruit Fort Myers Hammond Stadium Schedule
Houston Astros Grapefruit Kissimmee Osceola County Stadium Schedule
Los Angeles Angels Cactus Tempe Tempe Diablo Stadium Schedule
Oakland Athletics Cactus Phoenix Hohokam Stadium Schedule
Seattle Mariners Cactus Peoria Peoria Sports Complex Schedule
Texas Rangers Cactus Surprise Surprise Stadium Schedule


NBA: Players with 1,000 Games Played for a Single Team


Boston Celtics John Havlicek 1,270
Robert Parish 1,106
Paul Pierce 1,102
Dallas Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki* 1,239
Detroit Pistons Joe Dumars 1,018
Houston Rockets Hakeem Olajuwon 1,177
Calvin Murphy 1,002
Indiana Pacers Reggie Miller 1,389
Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant* 1,280
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 1,093
New York Knicks Patrick Ewing 1,039
Seattle SuperSonics Gary Payton 999**
San Antonio Spurs Tim Duncan* 1,302
Tony Parker* 979**
Utah Jazz John Stockton 1,504
Karl Malone 1,434



1. John Stockton Utah Jazz 1,504
2. Karl Malone Utah Jazz 1,434
3. Reggie Miller Indiana Pacers 1,389
4. Tim Duncan* San Antonio Spurs 1,302
5. Kobe Bryant* Los Angeles Lakers 1,280
6. John Havlicek Boston Celtics 1,270
7. Dirk Nowitzki* Dallas Mavericks 1,239
8. Hakeem Olajuwon Houston Rockets 1,177
9. Robert Parish Boston Celtics 1,106
10. Paul Pierce Boston Celtics 1,102
11. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Los Angeles Lakers 1,093
12. Patrick Ewing New York Knicks 1,039
13. Joe Dumars Detroit Pistons 1,018
14. Calvin Murphy Houston Rockets 1,002
15. Gary Payton Seattle SuperSonics 999*



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