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Aldon Smith, Bruce Smith and the Most Sacks on Monday Night Football

Keep An Eye On Aldon Smith, Especially On Monday Night Football

Keep An Eye On Aldon Smith, Especially On Monday Night Football

Leading today with Aldon Smith, the fourth-year defensive end for the San Francisco 49ers?

Well, he’s got the goods, in case you haven’t noticed.

Continuing Sports List of the Day‘s series on Monday Night Football, a 40-plus year American institution, let’s drop over to the defensive end – or defensive ends, literally, for the most part.

After running through these offensive leaders…most passing, rushing and receiving touchdowns on Monday Night Football…

…and these team marks…most points in a game and the biggest defeats and most wins on MNF…we check out the next coolest thing – though for defensive aficionados this stat comes at the top of the list.


Aldon Smith – less than four complete seasons in the league – already has 12 Monday Night Football sacks, just about half that of the all-time leader, his namesake (and Hall of Famer…and one of the greatest defensive players of all time), long-time Buffalo Bill, Bruce Smith.

Bruce did it all in 19 Monday night games. Aldon has only been in five, almost a quarter as many; he’s got a bound-to-come-down, astronomical 2.4 sacks per Monday nighter. But, if he continues this kind of play or at least a good percentage of it, and remains on a solid team with consistent Monday night appearances (like his Niners), he’ll threaten the record.

A. Smith already holds a serious sacks record – he was (and is) the “fastest NFL player to 30 sacks,” per NBC Sports.

Who else is on this list – a bunch of famous defensive players, for sure, and a handful of not-so or just regionally famous. Seventeen of the 21 played all or some of their careers at defensive end (DE), like both Smiths and Hall of Famers Richard Dent, Reggie White and Michael Strahan.

Five linebackers (LB) make the list, including the man with the most Super Bowl rings, Charles Haley, and the most-often acknowledged greatest defensive player of all time, New York Giant, Lawrence Taylor.

1. Bruce Smith DE 24.5 19 1.29 Buffalo Bills, Washington Redskins 1985-2003
2. Richard Dent DE 20 15 1.33 Chicago Bears, San Francisco 49ers, Indianapolis Colts 1983-1997
3. Kevin Greene LB 18 12 1.50 Los Angeles Rams, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers 1985-1999
4. Chris Doleman DE 17 13 1.31 Minnesota Vikings, San Francisco 49ers 1985-1999
5. Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila DE 16.5 18 0.92 Green Bay Packers 2000-2008
5. Reggie White DE 16.5 13 1.27 Philadelphia Eagles, Green Bay Packers 1985-2000
7. Charles Haley LB/DE 16 14 1.14 San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys 1986-1999
8. Lawrence Taylor LB 15.5 10 1.55 New York Giants 1981-1993
9. Greg Townsend DE 14 11 1.27 Los Angeles Raiders 1983-1997
10. John Randle DT/DE 13.5 11 1.23 Minnesota Vikings 1990-2003
11. Bryant Young DT/DE 13 17 0.76 San Francisco 49ers 1994-2007
12. Greg Ellis DE/LB 12.5 16 0.78 Dallas Cowboys, Oakland Raiders 1998-2009
12. Simon Fletcher LB/DE 12.5 8 1.56 Denver Broncos 1985-1995
14. Dwight Freeney DE 12 14 0.86 Indianapolis Colts, San Diego Chargers 2002-Present
14. Too Tall Jones DE 12 9 1.33 Dallas Cowboys 1974-1989
14. Aldon Smith DE 12 5 2.40 San Francisco 49ers 2011-Present
17. Shaun Phillips DE 11.5 13 0.88 San Diego Chargers, Tennessee Titans 2004-Present
17. Neil Smith DE 11.5 11 1.05 Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos 1988-2000
17. Henry Thomas DT 11.5 12 0.96 Minnesota Vikings, Detroit Lions, New England Patriots 1987-2000
20. Michael Strahan DE 11 12 0.92 New York Giants 1993-2007
20. Dana Stubblefield DT 11 16 0.69 San Francisco 49ers 1993-2003

Photo: Doug Mills via

Lewis Hamilton and Drivers with the Most Formula 1 World Championships

Michael Schumacher Wins His Seventh Formula 1 World Championship In 2004

Michael Schumacher Wins His Seventh Formula 1 World Championship In 2004

Lewis Hamilton won his second Formula 1 World Championship today, becoming the 16th driver since 1950 to win more than one title. Together, these 16 drivers below, have won 49 of the 65 championships (so another 16 drivers were one-time winners).

In 2008, Hamilton won for a home team, the UK’s McLaren. This time around, he jumped to his engine’s team, Germany’s Mercedes.

He breaks Sebastian Vettel‘s streak of four championships in a row for team Red Bull (2010-2013); Vettel finished fifth this year.

But the driver with the most F1 world titles overall is Michael Schumacher, of course, with seven, including five in a row between 2000 and 2004.

Driver No. 2 on today’s list, Argentina’s Juan Manuel Fangio, won five in total (over a seven-year span).

Here are the 16 drivers with multiple Formula 1 World Championships.

1. Michael Schumacher Germany 7 1994 Benetton (UK) Ford
1995 Benetton (UK) Renault
2000 Ferrari (Italy) Ferrari
2001 Ferrari (Italy) Ferrari
2002 Ferrari (Italy) Ferrari
2003 Ferrari (Italy) Ferrari
2004 Ferrari (Italy) Ferrari
2. Juan Manuel Fangio Argentina 5 1951 Alfa Romeo (Italy) Alfa Romeo
1954 Maserati (Italy) / Mercedes (Germany) Maserati / Mercedes
1955 Mercedes (Germany) Mercedes
1956 Ferrari (Italy) Ferrari
1957 Maserati (Italy) Maserati
3. Sebastian Vettel Germany 4 2010 Red Bull (Austria) Renault
2011 Red Bull (Austria) Renault
2012 Red Bull (Austria) Renault
2013 Red Bull (Austria) Renault
3. Alain Prost France 4 1985 McLaren (UK) TAG
1986 McLaren (UK) TAG
1989 McLaren (UK) Honda
1993 Williams (UK) Renault
5. Nelson Piquet Brazil 3 1981 Brabham (UK) Ford
1983 Brabham (UK) BMW
1987 Williams (UK) Honda
5. Ayrton Senna Brazil 3 1988 McLaren (UK) Honda
1990 McLaren (UK) Honda
1991 McLaren (UK) Honda
5. Niki Lauda Austria 3 1975 Ferrari (Italy) Ferrari
1977 Ferrari (Italy) Ferrari
1984 McLaren (UK) TAG
5. Jackie Stewart UK 3 1969 Matra (France) Ford
1971 Tyrrell (UK) Ford
1973 Tyrrell (UK) Ford
5. Jack Brabham Australia 3 1959 Cooper (UK) Climax
1960 Cooper (UK) Climax
1966 Brabham (UK) Repco
10. Lewis Hamilton UK 2 2008 McLaren (UK) Mercedes
2014 Mercedes (Germany) Mercedes
10. Fernando Alonso Spain 2 2005 Renault (France) Renault
2006 Renault (France) Renault
10. Mika Häkkinen Finland 2 1998 McLaren (UK) Mercedes
1999 McLaren (UK) Mercedes
10. Emerson Fittipaldi Brazil 2 1972 Lotus (UK) Ford
1974 McLaren (UK) Ford
10. Jim Clark UK 2 1963 Lotus (UK) Climax
1965 Lotus (UK) Climax
10. Graham Hill UK 2 1962 BRM (UK) BRM
1968 Lotus (UK) Ford
10. Alberto Ascari* Italy 2 1952 Ferrari (Italy) Ferrari
1953 Ferrari (Italy) Ferrari

* Technically, the first two-time winner, Alberto Ascari, was not a “Formula 1″ winner. The races in 1952 and 1953 were run under the Formula 2 standard. What’s the difference? Answer here.

Photo: Sutton Images via

Peyton Manning, Brett Favre and the Most Go-Ahead Touchdowns Thrown, Ever

Peyton Manning Takes The Lead (Again)

Peyton Manning Takes The Lead (Again)

Here’s a record on the verge of being broken, courtesy Peyton Manning (again). And the victim? Brett Favre (again).

According my source,‘s play index, these 20 quarterbacks have thrown the most go-ahead touchdowns – either to take the initial lead in a game or take the lead away during a game (regardless of the game’s final outcome) – in NFL history.

Favre and Manning are the only two QBs to grab the lead over 150 times, and right now, Manning needs to do it just two more times to take the historical lead. Doubtless, this record will be padded.

Drew Brees and Tom Brady, both a few years younger, might catch up to Favre, but by that time, Manning, assuming he keeps going after this season, might be too far away to reach.

1. Brett Favre 167 Green Bay Packers, New York Jets, Minnesota Vikings 1991-2010
2. Peyton Manning 166 Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos 1998-Present
3. Dan Marino 134 Miami Dolphins 1983-1999
4. Drew Brees 127 San Diego Chargers, New Orleans Saints 2001-Present
4. Fran Tarkenton 127 Minnesota Vikings, New York Giants 1961-1978
6. Tom Brady 120 New England Patriots 2000-Present
7. Johnny Unitas 111 Baltimore Colts 1956-1973
8. Joe Montana 103 San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs 1979-1994
9. John Elway 103 Denver Broncos 1983-1998
10. Vinny Testaverde 97 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys, Carolina Panthers 1987-2007
11. Drew Bledsoe 94 New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys 1993-2006
12. Sonny Jurgensen 93 Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins 1957-1974
13. Warren Moon 90 Houston Oilers, Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks 1984-2000
14. Ben Roethlisberger 87 Pittsburgh Steelers 2004-Present
14. Eli Manning 87 New York Giants 2004-Present
16. Philip Rivers 86 San Diego Chargers 2004-Present
16. Dave Krieg 86 Seattle Seahawks, Kansas City Chiefs, Detroit Lions, Arizona Cardinals, Chicago Bears 1980-1998
16. Tony Romo 86 Dallas Cowboys 2004-Present
16. Dan Fouts 86 San Diego Chargers 1973-1987
20. Carson Palmer 82 Cincinnati Bengals, Oakland Raiders, Arizona Cardinals 2004-Present

Check out my source, where, amazingly, you can see every single quarterback who ever threw even one go-ahead touchdown.



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