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New York Yankees and the Most Valuable Teams in Baseball 2015

The New York Yankees Are The Richest Team In Baseball (As Usual)

The New York Yankees Are The Richest Team In Baseball (As Usual)

Just a few years ago, the question was, “Which Major League Baseball teams are worth a billion dollars?” Now it’s, “Which teams aren’t?”

Sports List of the Day has been analyzing Forbes‘ annual baseball valuation survey for several years now, checking out the year-over-year growth – and it’s just always positive, but never so much as in 2015.

We’re talking hefty jumps in value from 2014 – like the $1.0 billion (!) increase in the value of the reigning (and 2010 and 2012) World Champion San Francisco Giants. Clearly, it pays to go all the way.

Back in 2011, only one team was even worth a billion (the New York Yankees at $1.7B). Today, 15 teams – exactly half the league – are worth $1.0 billion or more. A full 10 teams broke the barrier this season.


Television money is driving the sport’s top line growth.” Duh.

Again, the Yankees, in the biggest market in the country, are the most valuable MLB team. They are now valued at $3.2 billion, the first $3.0 billion team in baseball. Another three teams – the Los Angeles Dodgers, Boston Red Sox and Giants – are worth at least $2.0 billion apiece.

Please visit today’s source, Forbes, for Mike Ozanian‘s in-depth article and each team’s latest annual revenue and operating income (or loss) figures, too.

And you can see the Forbes valuations for all 30 teams between 2011 and 2014 here.

What about other sports? We got you covered with the NFL’s, NBA’s, NHL’s and College Football’s latest numbers.

1. New York Yankees $3.2B $2.5B (1) $700M
2. Los Angeles Dodgers $2.4B $2.0B (2) $400M
3. Boston Red Sox $2.1B $1.5B (3) $600M
4. San Francisco Giants $2.0B $1.0B (5) $1.0B
5. Chicago Cubs $1.8B $1.2B (4) $600M
6. St. Louis Cardinals $1.4B $820M (8) $580M
7. New York Mets $1.35B $800M (9) $550M
8. Los Angeles Angels $1.3B $775M (10) $525M
9. Washington Nationals $1.28B $700M (13) $580M
10. Philadelphia Phillies $1.25B $975M (6) $275M
11. Texas Rangers $1.22B $825M (7) $395M
12. Atlanta Braves $1.15B $730M (11) $420M
13. Detroit Tigers $1.125B $680M (15) $445M
14. Seattle Mariners $1.1B $710M (12) $390M
15. Baltimore Orioles $1.0B $620M (16) $380M
16. Chicago White Sox $975M $695M (14) $280M
17. Pittsburgh Pirates $900M $572M (23) $328M
18. Minnesota Twins $895M $605M (19) $290M
19. San Diego Padres $890M $615M (17) $275M
20. Cincinnati Reds $885M $600M (20) $285M
21. Milwaukee Brewers $875M $565M (25) $310M
22. Toronto Blue Jays $870M $610M (18) $260M
23. Colorado Rockies $855M $575M (22) $280M
24. Arizona Diamondbacks $840M $585M (21) $255M
25. Cleveland Indians $825M $570M (24) $255M
26. Houston Astros $800M $530M (26) $270M
27. Oakland A’s $725M $495M (28) $230M
28. Kansas City Royals $700M $490M (29) $210M
29. Miami Marlins $650M $500M (27) $150M
30. Tampa Bay Rays $625M $485M (30) $140M


MLB: Teams that Have Come Back to Win the World Series After Being Down 3-2

The 1985 Kansas City Royals Came Back To Win The World Series After Being Down 3-2

The 1985 Kansas City Royals Came Back To Win The World Series After Being Down 3-2

The Kansas City Royals‘ backs are up against the wall. They’re returning home, down to the San Francisco Giants 3-2 in the 2014 World Series.

Well, 21 times a team in such a position, including the 1985 Royals, has come back to win it all. Of those 21 teams, 12, again including the ’85 Royals, had home field advantage. In other words, they won the last two games at home (and KC also won the last game in St. Louis – they actually were down 3-1).

And in other words, it ain’t over till it’s over.

The last time an underdog came back from 3-2 to win the final two games on the road was in 1979, when the Pittsburgh Pirates stole the title from the Baltimore Orioles.

One more note: We know the New York Yankees and St. Louis Cardinals have the most World Series titles – the Yanks far ahead – so naturally they are both well represented below with 12 of the 21 comebacks involving either or both teams.

But here is one area where the Cardinals excel over the Yankees. The Cards have come back from down three games to two an amazing five times (to the Yankees two).

In other words, five of the Cardinals 12 championships (41.6 percent) were born of this scenario. That’s one turnaround away from half. Wow.

1. 1903 Boston Americans* Pittsburgh Pirates 5-3
2. 1921 New York Giants* New York Yankees 5-3
3. 1924 Washington Senators* New York Giants 4-3
4. 1925 Pittsburgh Pirates* Washington Senators 4-3
5. 1926 St. Louis Cardinals New York Yankees* 4-3
6. 1934 St. Louis Cardinals Detroit Tigers* 4-3
7. 1940 Cincinnati Reds* Detroit Tigers 4-3
8. 1946 St. Louis Cardinals* Boston Red Sox 4-3
9. 1952 New York Yankees Brooklyn Dodgers* 4-3
10. 1958 New York Yankees Milwaukee Braves* 4-3
11. 1968 Detroit Tigers St. Louis Cardinals* 4-3
12. 1973 Oakland A’s* New York Mets 4-3
13. 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates Baltimore Orioles* 4-3
14. 1982 St. Louis Cardinals* Milwaukee Brewers 4-3
15. 1985 Kansas City Royals* St. Louis Cardinals 4-3
16. 1986 New York Mets* Boston Red Sox 4-3
17. 1987 Minnesota Twins* St. Louis Cardinals 4-3
18. 1991 Minnesota Twins* Atlanta Braves 4-3
19. 2001 Arizona Diamondbacks* New York Yankees 4-3
20. 2002 Anaheim Angels* San Francisco Giants 4-3
21. 2011 St. Louis Cardinals* Texas Rangers 4-3

* Home field advantage


MLB World Series: Teams that Have Come Back From Down 2-0

The 1996 New York Yankees Were The Last Team To Come Back From 2-0 To Win The World Series

The 1996 New York Yankees Were The Last Team To Come Back From 2-0 To Win The World Series

Out of 109 completed World Series, about half – 53 – started out with one team going up two games to none over the other.

Of those, only 11 times has the team down 2-0 come back to win the championship. And of those, four – that is only four times (!) – has the team with home field advantage come back to win it all.

Let’s check the percentages on all this. Down 2-0? Then, actually not too bad considering the circumstances – you’ve got a 21 percent chance of winning the World Series.

However, if you lose those first two games at home, things dwindle to a 5.7 percent chance (three of 53). I’m not including 1921, because back then teams alternated playing at home with the home field advantage team getting Game 7.

The upshot is, if the Kansas City Royals (who gained home field advantage thanks to the American League winning the All-Star Game) lose again tonight, things won’t be looking good at all for a title. Then again, they didn’t look good in 1985, either. The Royals happened to be one of those home teams.

1. 1921 New York Giants* New York Yankees 5-3
2. 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers New York Yankees 4-3
3. 1956 New York Yankees Brooklyn Dodgers 4-3
4. 1958 New York Yankees Milwaukee Braves 4-3
5. 1965 Los Angeles Dodgers Minnesota Twins 4-3
6. 1971 Pittsburgh Pirates Baltimore Orioles 4-3
7. 1978 New York Yankees Los Angeles Dodgers 4-2
8. 1981 Los Angeles Dodgers New York Yankees 4-2
9. 1985 Kansas City Royals* St. Louis Cardinals 4-3
10. 1986 New York Mets* Boston Red Sox 4-3
11. 1996 New York Yankees* Atlanta Braves 4-2

* home field advantage

Photo: Susan Walsh, AP via


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