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Real Madrid, Manchester United and the 20 Highest Earning Football Clubs in the World (2014)

The Richest Football Club In 2013-14, Real Madrid (Again)

The Richest Football Club In 2013-14, Real Madrid (Again)

Real Madrid made more money last season than any other football club in the world. The Whites were the only club to bring in over $600 million in revenue in 2013-14, according to financial and accounting consulting firm, Deloitte, which has published its annual revenue analysis since 1997-98.

Madrid has also been the No. 1 most valuable sports team in the world for several years running, according to business magazine, Forbes.

They and four other clubs – Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Barcelona and the sole French rep below, Paris Saint-Germain – topped the half-billion dollar mark in total grosses.

English clubs make up five of the top 10 highest makers and eight of the top 20. Add Spanish (3), Italian (4) and German (3) teams to the mix and you’ve got 18 of the top 20.

Who’s the 20th squad, then? A bit of a surprise. It’s Turkey’s Galatasaray.

1. Real Madrid Whites, Vikings, Meringues Spain 626.4 549.5
2. Manchester United Red Devils England 590.5 518.0
3. Bayern Munich Reds, FC Hollywood Germany 555.8 487.5
4. Barcelona Scarlet and Blues, Barca Spain 552.4 484.6
5. Paris Saint-Germain Red and Blues, Parisians France 540.6 474.2
6. Manchester City Sky Blues, City, Citizens England 472.4 414.4
7. Chelsea Blues, Pensioners England 442.2 387.9
8. Arsenal Gunners England 409.6 359.3
9. Liverpool Reds England 348.7 305.9
10. Juventus White-Blacks, Zebras, The Old Lady, Humpbacks Italy 318.5 279.4
11. Borussia Dortmund Black and Yellows Germany 298.1 261.5
12. Milan Red and Blacks, The Devil Italy 284.7 249.7
13. Tottenham Lilywhites, Spurs England 246.0 215.8
14. Schalke 04 Royal Blues, Miners Germany 243.8 213.9
15. Atlético Madrid Red and Whites, Mattress Makers Spain 193.7 169.9
16. Napoli Blues, Little Donkeys Italy 187.9 164.8
17. Internazionale Black and Blues Italy 187.0 164.0
18. Galatasaray Cim Bom Bom, Lions Turkey 184.6 161.9
19. Newcastle United Magpies, Toon England 176.8 155.1
20. Everton Blues, Toffees, School of Science, Dogs of War England 164.3 144.1

^ Used today’s Euro:Dollar conversion rate of 1:1.14.

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NFL: Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers and Super Bowl Rematches

1. 1975 X Pittsburgh Steelers Dallas Cowboys 21-17
1978 XIII Pittsburgh Steelers Dallas Cowboys 35-31
1995 XXX Dallas Cowboys Pittsburgh Steelers 27-17
2. 1972 VII Miami Dolphins Washington Redskins 14-7
1982 XVII Washington Redskins Miami Dolphins 27-17
3. 1981 XVI San Francisco 49ers Cincinnati Bengals 26-21
1988 XXIII San Francisco 49ers Cincinnati Bengals 20-16
4. 1992 XXVII Dallas Cowboys Buffalo Bills 52-17
1993 XXVIII Dallas Cowboys Buffalo Bills 30-13
5. 2007 XLII New York Giants New England Patriots 17-14
2011 XLVI New York Giants New England Patriots 21-17

Seattle Seahawks and Teams with Back-to-Back Super Bowl Appearances

Russell Wilson Has Taken The Seattle Seahawks To Back-To-Back Super Bowl Appearances

Russell Wilson Has Taken The Seattle Seahawks To Back-To-Back Super Bowl Appearances

A popular post here at Sports List of the Day covers the Super Bowl’s back-to-back winners and losers.

But there’s more to back-to-back Super Bowls – just getting there two times in a row is feat enough.

What happens when a team loses one Super Bowl, then returns the next? Are they vindicated?

What about revenge? Anybody beat the team that vanquished them the season before?

The Seattle Seahawks are the 11th franchise to return to the Super Bowl the next season. And hey, Tom Brady‘s New England Patriots were the 10th (2003 and 2004).

All totaled it’s happened 16 times, with the Dallas Cowboys doing it on three separate occasions – twice in the 1970’s and once more in the 1990’s.

Minus the eight back-to-back winners and the three back-to-back losers – and the 2014 Seahawks – we’re left with just four other consecutive occurrences: Two lose-wins and two win-losses.

What about revenge? The only back-to-back Super Bowls with the same two teams were in 1992 and 1993, and the Cowboys took both over the Buffalo Bills. So, nope.

1. 1966 I Green Bay Packers W Kansas City Chiefs 35-10
  1967 II Green Bay Packers W Oakland Raiders 33-14
2. 1970 V Dallas Cowboys L Baltimore Colts 16-13
  1971 VI Dallas Cowboys W Miami Dolphins 24-3
3. 1971 VI Miami Dolphins L Dallas Cowboys 24-3
  1972 VII Miami Dolphins W Washington Redskins 14-7
  1973 VIII Miami Dolphins W Minnesota Vikings 24-7
4. 1973 VIII Minnesota Vikings L Miami Dolphins 24-7
  1974 IX Minnesota Vikings L Pittsburgh Steelers 16-6
5. 1974 IX Pittsburgh Steelers W Minnesota Vikings 16-6
  1975 X Pittsburgh Steelers W Dallas Cowboys 21-7
6. 1977 XII Dallas Cowboys W Denver Broncos 27-10
  1978 XIII Dallas Cowboys L Pittsburgh Steelers 35-31
7. 1978 XIII Pittsburgh Steelers W Dallas Cowboys 35-31
  1979 XIV Pittsburgh Steelers W Los Angeles Rams 31-19
8. 1982 XVII Washington Redskins W Miami Dolphins 27-17
  1983 XVIII Washington Redskins L Los Angeles Raiders 38-9
9. 1986 XXI Denver Broncos L New York Giants 39-20
  1987 XXII Denver Broncos L Washington Redskins 42-10
10. 1988 XXIII San Francisco 49ers W Cincinnati Bengals 20-16
  1989 XXIV San Francisco 49ers W Denver Broncos 55-10
11. 1990 XXV Buffalo Bills L New York Giants 20-19
  1991 XXVI Buffalo Bills L Washington Redskins 37-24
  1992 XXVII Buffalo Bills L Dallas Cowboys 52-17
  1993 XXVIII Buffalo Bills L Dallas Cowboys 30-13
12. 1992 XXVII Dallas Cowboys W Buffalo Bills 52-17
  1993 XXVIII Dallas Cowboys W Buffalo Bills 30-13
13. 1996 XXXI Green Bay Packers W New England Patriots 35-21
  1997 XXXII Green Bay Packers L Denver Broncos 31-24
14. 1997 XXXII Denver Broncos W Green Bay Packers 31-24
  1998 XXXIII Denver Broncos W Atlanta Falcons 34-19
15. 2003 XXXVIII New England Patriots W Carolina Panthers 32-29
  2004 XXXIX New England Patriots W Philadelphia Eagles 24-21
16. 2013 XLVIII Seattle Seahawks W Denver Broncos 43-8
  2014 XLIX Seattle Seahawks TBD New England Patriots TBD

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