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Peyton Manning and Most Games with Four or More Passing Touchdowns

Peyton Manning, Touchdown...Again

Peyton Manning, Touchdown…Again

Here’s a quarterback record that Peyton Manning broke some time ago (as opposed to his most recent record-breaking feat).

Manning has more games with four or more passing touchdowns than anyone else since the completed NFL-AFL merger in 1970 – 33 – and with a little room to play with, and some time yet to pad his stats.

Though the second best QB on this list is still active. Drew Brees has done it 25 times and it is possible Brees could take over one day. He’s about three years younger.

Then you have three of the usual suspects: Brett Favre, Dan Marino and Tom Brady.

But check this: Aaron Rodgers is next, ahead of his time, but on a different level. It goes from Brady with 20 to Rodgers with 13.

And check this: the top 20 QBs with the most “4-or-more” regular season games, below.

What about “five-or-more” or even “six or more” passing touchdown games? Check that, tomorrow.

1. Peyton Manning 33 Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos
2. Drew Brees 25 San Diego Chargers, New Orleans Saints
3. Brett Favre 23 Green Bay Packers, New York Jets, Minnesota Vikings
4. Dan Marino 21 Miami Dolphins
5. Tom Brady 20 New England Patriots
6. Aaron Rodgers 13 Green Bay Packers
7. Dan Fouts 12 San Diego Chargers
8. Drew Bledsoe 11 New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills
8. Donovan McNabb 11 Philadelphia Eagles
10. John Elway 10 Denver Broncos
10. Jim Kelly 10 Buffalo Bills
10. Eli Manning 10 New York Giants
13. Tommy Kramer 9 Minnesota Vikings
13. Warren Moon 9 Houston Oilers, Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks
13. Steve Young 9 San Francisco 49ers
16. Jeff Garcia 8 San Francisco 49ers, Cleveland Browns
16. Dave Krieg 8 Seattle Seahawks, Arizona Cardinals
16. Joe Montana 8 San Francisco 49ers
16. Tony Romo 8 Dallas Cowboys
16. Brian Sipe 8 Cleveland Browns
16. Kurt Warner 8 St. Louis Rams, Arizona Cardinals
16. Danny White 8 Dallas Cowboys

Thanks to the best football reference site on the Web. It’s, where I punched in this query, and where you can see every quarterback who’s ever had even one 4-or-more passing TD game. OK one more time – Check it out!

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NFL: Tight Ends with the Most Receiving Touchdowns (Career)

Antonio Gates, Superman

Antonio Gates, Superman

The tight end watch is getting really interesting. Already this season, Jason Witten became only the third tight end in NFL history to breach the 10,000-receiving yards plateau. He’s now second all-time behind Tony Gonzalez after surpassing Shannon Sharpe just yesterday.

Twelve-year San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates is now at 9,556 yards and needs to average just 50 yards a game the remainder of this season to become the fourth member of the 10,000-yard club.

Check out the top 20 tight ends with the most career receiving yards in this previous post. There are a couple more actives on the list.

When it comes to tight ends with the most career receiving touchdowns, there are definitely some differences.

It’s still Gonzalez at the top (he is arguably the greatest offensive TE, ever), but it’s Gates this time who’s actually pretty close to topping the record, as opposed to Witten (much farther)  in the yards chase. No way Gates will do it this season – he still needs 18 TDs to break the record. So it will be dependent on whether he returns for 2015. That would most certainly clinch it.

Witten, a little surprisingly, is seventh all-time, behind even the San Francisco 49ersVernon Davis.

Rob Gronkowski already has 46 touchdowns and just made the pros in 2010. Jimmy Graham has 44 and also came through in 2010. These guys have a long way to go yet in the yards department, far below their more aggressive TD pace (but understandable given the short sample of about 3.5 seasons).

Makes you think…there are three kinds of “offensively-performing tight end types”: those who specialize more in scoring, those who collect yards (and probably rescue the quarterback quite often) and the elite who do both.

1. Tony Gonzalez 111 1997 2013
2. Antonio Gates 94 2003 Present
3. Shannon Sharpe 62 1990 2003
4. Jerry Smith 60 1965 1977
5. Vernon Davis 55 2006 Present
6. Wesley Walls 54 1989 2003
7. Dallas Clark 53 2003 2013
7. Jason Witten 53 2003 Present
9. Dave Casper 52 1974 1984
10. Ben Coates 50 1991 2000
11. Keith Jackson 49 1988 1996
12. Raymond Chester 48 1970 1981
13. Ozzie Newsome 47 1978 1990
14. Rob Gronkowski 46 2010 Present
15. Rich Caster 45 1970 1982
15. Kellen Winslow 45 1979 1987
17. Jimmy Graham 44 2010 Present
18. Mike Ditka 43 1961 1972
19. Paul Coffman 42 1978 1988
19. Todd Heap 42 2001 2012

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NFL: Top 20 Players with the Most Rushing Touchdowns on Monday Night Football

Emmitt Smith Stomped Into The End Zone On Monday Nights More Than Anybody Else

Emmitt Smith Stomped Into The End Zone On Monday Nights More Than Anybody Else

The NFL’s all-time leader in rushing touchdowns, Emmitt Smith, also has the most rushing touchdowns on Monday Night Football – the only player with over 20 TDs on the ground.

Those MNF scores are hard to come by, many of them depending on how good your team is (and if it’s been deemed worthy of the spotlight). Only seven running backs have managed 10 or more.

And unlike quarterbacks with the most passing touchdowns on Monday night – a list that includes Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Philip Rivers and Eli Manning – only one (barely) active player (and not even a running back, at that) makes today’s list. It’s New York Jets‘ backup QB, Michael Vick.

1. Emmitt Smith 23 1990-2004 Dallas Cowboys 25
2. Marcus Allen 17 1982-1997 Oakland Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs 27
3. Eric Dickerson 14 1983-1993 Los Angeles Rams, Indianapolis Colts 14
4. John Riggins 13 1971-1985 New York Jets, Washington Redskins 17
5. Terrell Davis 10 1995-2001 Denver Broncos 13
5. Ahman Green 10 1998-2009 Green Bay Packers 15
5. Chuck Muncie 10 1976-1984 New Orleans Saints, San Diego Chargers 9
8. Ottis Anderson 9 1979-1992 St. Louis Cardinals, New York Giants 13
8. Jerome Bettis 9 1993-2005 Pittsburgh Steelers 17
8. James Brooks 9 1981-1992 San Diego Chargers, Cincinnati Bengals 18
8. Earl Campbell 9 1978-1985 Houston Oilers 9
8. Tony Dorsett 9 1977-1988 Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos 25
8. Franco Harris 9 1972-1984 Pittsburgh Steelers 19
8. Edgerrin James 9 1999-2009 Indianapolis Colts, Arizona Cardinals 10
8. Joe Morris 9 1982-1991 New York Giants 12
8. Steve Young (QB) 9 1985-1999 San Francisco 49ers 25
17. Pete Banaszak 8 1966-1978 Oakland Raiders 11
17. Dorsey Levens 8 1994-2004 Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles 20
17. Curtis Martin 8 1995-2005 New England Patirots, New York Jets 14
17. Donovan McNabb (QB) 8 1999-2011 Philadelphia Eagles 17
17. Michael Vick (QB) 8 2001-Present Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles 10

Thanks to the best football reference site on the Web,, where I ran this query, and where you can see everybody ever who ran it in on a Monday night.

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