NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament: Schools with Multiple Championships

Tonight, the Connecticut Huskies and the Butler Bulldogs will face off in the 2011 NCAA Basketball championship game in Houston, Texas.  Butler is looking for its first NCAA crown.  UConn is looking for its third, one of 14 teams to win it all more than once.

The NCAA tournament has been played every year uninterrupted since 1939, albeit in different forms and with an ever-increasing number of teams.  This year is the 73rd iteration of the competition. Thirty-five different schools have been crowned champions.

Here are those schools with multiple NCAA championships:

UPDATED LIST: Through the 2013 NCAA Championship Game (2012-13 season).

1. UCLA (11)

2. Kentucky (8)

3. Indiana (5)

3. North Carolina (5)

5. Duke (4)

6. Kansas (3)

6. Connecticut (3)

6. Louisville (3)

9. Cincinnati (2)

9. Florida (2)

9. Michigan State (2)

9. North Carolina State (2)

9. Oklahoma State (2)

9. San Francisco (2)


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