Baseball Hall of Fame: Teams with the Most Members

Baseball Hall of Fame Insignia

Baseball Hall of Fame Insignia (

The Baseball Hall of Fame is a very exclusive club. Of the 17,627 players to take the field (and thousands of Negro League players and executives), only 295 people associated with the game have been inducted.  That’s about 1% or less.

Today, pitcher Bert Blyleven, second baseman Roberto Alomar and executive Pat Gillick will be inducted.

Of the 295 members, 45 do not have a team associated with their plaque.  The other 250 members are broken down by team in today’s Sports List of the Day.

For a list of the inductees themselves, check this out from the or wikipedia’s list of Baseball Hall of Fame members.

New York Yankees 21
New York Giants 17
St. Louis Cardinals 17
Chicago Cubs 12
Cleveland Indians 12
Pittsburgh Pirates 12
Boston Red Sox 10
Philadelphia Phillies 10
Brooklyn Dodgers 9
Chicago White Sox 9
Detroit Tigers 9
Cincinnati Reds 8
Philadelphia Athletics 8
Baltimore Orioles 6
Boston Beaneaters 6
Kansas City Monarchs 5
Los Angeles Dodgers 5
San Francisco Giants 5
Washington Senators 5
Homestead Grays 4
Minnesota Twins 4
Newark Eagles 4
Oakland Athletics 4
Baltimore Orioles (def) 3
Milwaukee Braves 3
New York Gothams 3
St. Louis Browns 3
Boston Braves 2
Buffalo Bisons 2
Chicago American Giants 2
Chicago White Stockings 2
Cleveland Spiders 2
Cuban Stars 2
Milwaukee Brewers 2
Montreal Expos 2
New York Lincoln Giants 2
San Diego Padres 2
St. Louis Stars 2
Atlanta Braves 1
Cincinnati Red Stockings 1
Detroit Stars 1
Hartford Dark Blues 1
Hilldale Daisies 1
Kansas City Royals 1
New York Highlanders 1
New York Mets 1
Philadelphia Quakers 1
Philadelphia Stars 1
Pittsburgh Crawfords 1
Providence Grays 1
Texas Rangers 1
Toronto Blue Jays 1

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