Major League Baseball: The 15 Youngest MVPs in History

The Youngest MVP in Baseball History

The Youngest MVP in Baseball History (

I checked out all the birthdays of every MVP and voila, here they are, the 15 youngest MVPs in baseball history.

Fred Lynn won both the MVP and Rookie of the Year in the same year.  Ichiro Suzuki is the only other player to do that (he was older, having already played in Japan for years).  But Lynn is not the youngest MVP on the list.  There are still eight players who were younger.

For the full story, pictures, stats and video on all 14 players (Newhouser is on there twice), check out my full length article over at Bleacher Report: The 15 Youngest MVPs in Baseball History. It’s a good read.

UPDATED LIST: Through the 2014 awards. OK, so now it’s 16 because AL winner Mike Trout is now the fifth youngest MVP of all time.  The last “this kind of young” MVP was Jose Canseco back in 1988, almost 30 years ago.

1. Vida Blue 1971 21/22 (JUL) Oakland A’s
2. Johnny Bench 1970 22 (DEC) Cincinnati Reds
3. Stan Musial 1943 22 (NOV) St. Louis Cardinals
4. Cal Ripken, Jr. 1983 22/23 (AUG 24) Baltimore Orioles
5. Mike Trout 2014 22/23 (AUG 7) Los Angeles Angels
6. Hal Newhouser 1944 22/23 (MAY 20) Detroit Tigers
7. Willie Mays 1954 22/23 (MAY 6) New York Giants
8. Jeff Burroughs 1974 23 (MAR) Texas Rangers
9. Hank Aaron 1957 23 (FEB 5) Milwaukee Braves
10. Fred Lynn 1975 23 (FEB 3) Boston Red Sox
11. Roger Clemens 1986 23/24 (AUG) Boston Red Sox
12. Jose Canseco 1988 23/24 (JUL) Oakland A’s
13. Lou Gehrig 1927 23/24 (JUN) New York Yankees
14. Hal Newhouser 1945 23/24 (MAY) Detroit Tigers
15. Don Mattingly 1985 24 (APR 20) New York Yankees
16. Paul Waner 1927 24 (APR 16) Pittsburgh Pirates

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