Dan Marino and the Top 20 QBs with the Most Passing Yards in a Season

Dan Marino Gets Ready To Sling It

Dan Marino Gets Ready To Sling It (sodahead.com)

ESPN had an interesting video cover story today called “Chasing Marino” that references one of the remaining records the ol’ Miami Dolphin still holds onto: Most passing yards in a season, 5,084.

Dan Marino’s still got a bunch of interesting records, but many of them, and some of the best ones, have been surpassed by Brett Favre, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.  Before those three, Dan was the man, with pretty much every quarterback record, or the ones that mattered, in his name.  And his throw was perfect.

But today’s players continue to catch up.  Tom Brady and Cam Newton are going off.  Can they break the single season record?  ESPN senior writer John Clayton says no.  And he points to cold weather games as the culprit.

Still, though, it’s more within the grasp of today’s QB’s then ever before.  Drew Brees just missed in 2008 – by 15 yards. Egad, man!  What happened?  They couldn’t squeeze in a slant?

There are a couple of other recent and current players on this list, too: the top 20 quarterbacks with the most passing yards in a season.  Twelve of the top 20 did it after the year 2000.

1. Dan Marino 5,084 1984 Miami Dolphins
2. Drew Brees 5,069 2008 New Orleans Saints
3. Kurt Warner 4,830 2001 St. Louis Rams
4. Tom Brady 4,806 2007 New England Patriots
5. Dan Fouts 4,802 1981 San Diego Chargers
6. Matt Schaub 4,770 2009 Houston Texans
7. Dan Marino 4,746 1986 Miami Dolphins
8. Daunte Culpepper 4,717 2004 Minnesota Vikings
9. Dan Fouts 4,715 1980 San Diego Chargers
10. Philip Rivers 4,710 2010 San Diego Chargers
11. Peyton Manning 4,700 2010 Indianapolis Colts
12. Warren Moon 4,690 1991 Houston Oilers
13. Warren Moon 4,689 1990 Houston Oilers
13. Rich Gannon 4,689 2002 Oakland Raiders
15. Drew Brees 4,620 2010 New Orleans Saints
16. Neil Lomax 4,614 1984 St. Louis Cardinals
17. Trent Green 4,591 2004 Kansas City Chiefs
18. Kurt Warner 4,583 2008 Arizona Cardinals
19. Peyton Manning 4,557 2004 Indianapolis Colts
20. Drew Bledsoe 4,555 1994 New England Patriots

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