MLB: Most Home Runs in a Single World Series

Duke Snider Hit Four Home Runs in the World Series - Twice

Duke Snider Hit Four Home Runs in the World Series – Twice (

Who doesn’t love home runs?  How about home runs in the World Series?  Those are even better.

Here’s a check of players who have the most home runs in the Fall Classic, led by Reggie Jackson of course, but also Chase Utley. They hit five homers apiece in their respective Series 32 years apart (1977, 2009). Jackson and the New York Yankees won theirs, but Utley’s feat…was in defeat.

This is a great list, boasting of the continuity of the game – it spans over 80 years of baseball from Babe Ruth in 1926 to Utley in 2009. How about Duke Snider posting twice?  Very nice.

Ruth hit three in one game in Game 4 of the 1926 World Series, then hit a fourth in Game 7. Jackson hit his three on three pitches in Game 6 of the 1977 World Series, but already had two in the books from Games 4 and 5.

Ruth again in 1928 (Game 4), Albert Pujols (Game 3, 2011) and Pablo Sandoval (Game 1, 2012) each hit three home runs in a World Series game – but they did not hit another in their respective Series and so failed to make the list below.

For a look at every multiple-HR game (two or three homers) in World Series history, check out Baseball Players with the Most Home Runs in a World Series Game. Or, check out every three-home run game in postseason history. Only nine players have done it.

UP TO DATE: Through 2012 Postseason.

1. Chase Utley 5 25 2009 Philadelphia Phillies
1. Reggie Jackson 5 24 1977 New York Yankees
3. Hank Bauer 4 31 1958 New York Yankees
3. Babe Ruth 4 31 1926 New York Yankees
3. Duke Snider 4 31 1952 Brooklyn Dodgers
3. Barry Bonds 4 30 2002 San Francisco Giants
3. Lenny Dykstra 4 30 1993 Philadelphia Phillies
3. Duke Snider 4 28 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers
3. Willie Aikens 4 26 1980 Kansas City Royals
3. Gene Tenace 4 25 1972 Oakland A’s
3. Lou Gehrig 4 17 1928 New York Yankees

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