The NBA Teams That Are Losing Money. Or Are They?

The Orlando Magic Lost More Money Than Any Other NBA Team in 2010

The Orlando Magic Lost More Money Than Any Other NBA Team in 2010 (

There is finally a ray of hope in the NBA-NBPA CBA neogtiations.  Perhaps most of the season can be saved.  The talks have been going strong and long the past two days, and will continue on Friday.

The NBA has been crying poverty before and through the process.  The latest cries bemoan that 22 (out of 30) teams lost money (had a negative operating income) in 2010-11.

There is a lot of debate over whether or not or which teams are actually losing money. ESPN and Deadspin have exposed some tricks teams play to turn profits into losses. And there’s more.

Forbes put together the latest available data to come up with all 30 teams’ operating income from the end of the 2009-10 season.  According to that report, 17 teams lost money that season.

Surely things have changed in a year, but if the number of teams losing money has gone up by five, then this list below is probably a good indicator of at least most of those teams that lost money in 2010-11.  You have to believe the Dallas Mavericks turned a profit though.

Here are the 17 NBA teams that reported negative operating income (in millions) following the 2009-2010 season:

1. Orlando Magic -$23.1
2. Charlotte Bobcats -$20.0
3. Indiana Pacers -$16.9
4. Denver Nuggets -$11.7
5. New Jersey Nets -$10.2
6. Sacramento Kings -$9.8
7. Dallas Mavericks -$7.8
8. Atlanta Hawks -$7.3
9. Minnesota Timberwolves -$6.7
10. Miami Heat -$5.9
10. New Orleans Hornets -$5.9
12. Washington Wizards -$5.2
13. San Antonio Spurs -$4.7
14. Utah Jazz -$3.9
15. Memphis Grizzlies -$2.6
16. Milwaukee Bucks -$2.0
17. Philadelphia 76ers -$1.2

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