NFL MVPs by Team: Green Bay Packers with the Most

NFL MVP Trophy

NFL MVP Trophy (

The AP NFL MVP was first awarded to Jim Brown in 1957.  Fifty-six MVPs have been awarded in total.  In 1997, Brett Favre and Barry Sanders shared the award. In 2003, Peyton Manning and Steve McNair split it, too.

Here’s a list of all the NFL MVPs, broken down by team. The Green Bay Packers have the most – six – thanks in part to Brett Favre’s three.

By franchise, though, it’s the Colts, who have five awards from their Baltimore days, plus Peyton Manning’s four in Indy.

One more note:  Only three of the 56 MVPs were not either a QB or RB.  They are Mark Moseley, Washington Redskins placekicker; Alan Page, defensive tackle for the Vikings; and Lawrence Taylor, the very-feared linebacker from the New York Giants of the 1980’s.

Green Bay Packers 6 1961 Paul Hornung RB
1962 Jim Taylor RB
1966 Bart Starr QB
1995 Brett Favre QB
1996 Brett Favre QB
1997 Brett Favre QB
Baltimore Colts 5 1959 Johnny Unitas QB
1964 Johnny Unitas QB
1967 Johnny Unitas QB
1968 Earl Morrall QB
1976 Bert Jones QB
San Francisco 49ers 5 1970 John Brodie QB
1989 Joe Montana QB
1990 Joe Montana QB
1992 Steve Young QB
1994 Steve Young QB
Cleveland Browns 4 1957 Jim Brown RB
1958 Jim Brown RB
1965 Jim Brown RB
1980 Brian Sipe QB
Indianapolis Colts 4 2004 Peyton Manning QB
2008 Peyton Manning QB
2009 Peyton Manning QB
2003 Peyton Manning QB
St. Louis Rams 3 1999 Kurt Warner QB
2000 Marshall Faulk RB
2001 Kurt Warner QB
Washington Redskins 3 1972 Larry Brown RB
1982 Mark Moseley K
1983 Joe Theismann QB
Buffalo Bills 2 1973 O.J. Simpson RB
1991 Thurman Thomas RB
Cincinnati Bengals 2 1981 Ken Anderson QB
1988 Boomer Esiason QB
Denver Broncos 2 1987 John Elway QB
1998 Terrell Davis RB
Minnesota Vikings 2 1971 Alan Page DT
1975 Fran Tarkenton QB
New England Patriots 2 2007 Tom Brady QB
2010 Tom Brady QB
New York Giants 2 1963 Y. A. Tittle QB
1986 Lawrence Taylor LB
Oakland Raiders 2 1974 Ken Stabler QB
2002 Rich Gannon QB
Chicago Bears 1 1977 Walter Payton RB
Dallas Cowboys 1 1993 Emmitt Smith RB
Detroit Lions 1 1997 Barry Sanders RB
Houston Oilers 1 1979 Earl Campbell RB
Los Angeles Raiders 1 1985 Marcus Allen RB
Los Angeles Rams 1 1969 Roman Gabriel QB
Miami Dolphins 1 1984 Dan Marino QB
Philadelphia Eagles 1 1960 Norm Van Brocklin QB
Pittsburgh Steelers 1 1978 Terry Bradshaw QB
San Diego Chargers 1 2006 LaDainian Tomlinson RB
Seattle Seahawks 1 2005 Shaun Alexander RB
Tennessee Titans 1 2003 Steve McNair QB

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