NFL Quarterbacks That Have Been Sacked the Most

Brett Favre Has Also Been Sacked the Most

Brett Favre Has Also Been Sacked the Most (

Some time back Sports List of the Day showed you the NFL’s all-time sack leaders.

But who’s been sacked the most?

Well, the all-time leader in most of the important QB statistical categories, Brett Favre, is at the top of the list again.  Add this ignominious record to his, say, all-time leading interception record.

Here are the top 25 quarterbacks that have been sacked the most.

What’s interesting about this list is the type of quarterback that is represented.  Two types mostly.  You’re either a sluggishly immobile QB (Favre, Elway, Krieg, Bledsoe, Testaverde) or a running QB (Cunningham, McNabb, Young).  In both cases, these guys held onto the ball just a little too long.

Additionally, note which long-time quarterbacks are NOT on this list: Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Terry Bradshaw, Kurt Warner.  These QB’s are somewhere in between – agile in the pocket, but not aggressive runners.  And they’re all guilty of having a quick release which sure doesn’t hurt.

1. Brett Favre 525
2. John Elway 516
3. Dave Krieg 494
4. Randall Cunningham 484
5. Phil Simms 477
6. Drew Bledsoe 467
7. Warren Moon 458
8. Vinny Testaverde 417
9. Donovan McNabb 410 
10. Ken Anderson 398
11. Archie Manning 396
12.  Mark Brunell 390 
13. Chris Chandler 380
13. Jim Plunkett 380
15. Craig Morton 373
16. Ron Jaworski 363
17. Neil Lomax 362
18. Jim Harbaugh 361
19. Jeff George 358
19. Steve Young 358
21. Steve Bartkowski 356
22. Ken O’Brien 353
23. Joe Theismann 340
24. Kerry Collins 337 
25. Steve Beuerlein 332

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