Ray Allen and the Most Three-Pointers in NBA History

Ray Allen and Reggie Miller, Top Two From Three-Point Land

Ray Allen and Reggie Miller, Top Two From Three-Point Land (celticslife.com)

Ray Allen became the all-time three-point leader this past February.  Then, he drained another 51 treys.  And he’s still going.

What’s neat about this list – the top 20 shooters from downtown in NBA history – is that more than half of these guys are still playing, or expect to be playing when the season finally rolls around come Christmas Day.

For the 12 actives, you can see the team they last played for – not all will remain true as we enter the NBA’s belated free agency period beginning this Friday, December 9th.

But expect to see Allen, and Paul Pierce, again in the Celtics’ Green and White.  Jason Kidd says he’s still got two or three more years left, too.  And there’s Chauncey Billups, a surprising fifth all-time – he’ll be back with the Knicks.  In fact, every one of the actives at least want to come back.

By the way, the three-pointer is a relatively new shot and statistic.  It was adopted by the NBA beginning with the 1979-80 season.  Take that into your consideration.

1. Ray Allen 2,612 Boston Celtics
2. Reggie Miller 2,560
3. Jason Kidd 1,795 Dallas Mavericks
4. Peja Stojakovic 1,760 Dallas Mavericks
5. Chauncey Billups 1,735 New York Knicks
6. Dale Ellis 1,719
7. Rashard Lewis 1,674 Washington Wizards
8. Jason Terry 1,650 Dallas Mavericks
9. Paul Pierce 1,578 Boston Celtics
10. Steve Nash 1,565 Phoenix Suns
11. Glen Rice 1,559
12. Eddie Jones 1,546
13. Tim Hardaway 1,542
14. Nick Van Exel 1,528
15. Mike Bibby 1,490 Miami Heat
16. Michael Finley 1,454
17. Vince Carter 1,427 Phoenix Suns
18. Kobe Bryant 1,418 Los Angeles Lakers
18. Jason Richardson 1,418 Orlando Magic
20. Brent Barry 1,395

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