Most Three-Pointers in NCAA Basketball History (Division I)

J.J. Redick of Duke Has the Most Three-Pointers in NCAA History

J.J. Redick of Duke Has the Most Three-Pointers in NCAA History (Getty)

Here’s a funky list.  Actually, many of the all-time college basketball leader lists are…unusual.

They do represent some of the best “pure” college basketball players, namely those players destined to be great only in college.

But most of the best, best college players (and thus NBA-destined players) leave school before finishing all four years. Some (LeBron James and Amar’e Stoudemire, for example) go straight from high school.

What you are left with in the record books are, for the most part, those not good enough to skip to the pros early.  These guys stick around all four years – and so accumulate greater numbers.

Such is the case with college basketball’s (Division I) all-time three-pointers list.  Only one of the top 20 – Stephen Curry – played less than four years (three) in school.

1. J.J. Redick 457 2006 Duke
2. David Holston 450 2009 Chicago State
3. Keydren Clark 435 2006 Saint Peter’s
4. Chris Lofton 431 2008 Tennessee
5. Stephen Curry 414 2009 Davidson
6. Curtis Staples 413 1998 Virginia
7. Jack Leasure 411 2008 Coastal Carolina
8. Keith Veney 409 1997 Marshall
9. Doug Day 401 1993 Radford
10. Gerry McNamara 400 2006 Syracuse
11. Michael Watson 391 2004 Missouri-Kansas City
12. A.J. Abrams 389 2009 Texas
13. Robert Vaden 379 2009 Alabama-Birmingham
14. Ronnie Schmitz 378 1993 Missouri-Kansas City
15. Ryan Wittman 377 2010 Cornell
16. Mark Alberts 375 1993 Akron
17. Brett Blizzard 371 2003 North Carolina-Wilmington
18. Kyle Korver 371 2003 Creighton
19. Jaycee Carroll 369 2008 Utah State
20. Shan Foster 367 2008 Vanderbilt

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  1. LeBron James did not go to the pros straight from high school.

  2. Curry, had he played a fourth year, would have owned this record, too. By at least 100 3PM.

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