Kris Humphries, LeBron James and the Top 10 Most Disliked NBA Players

Kris Humphries in the NBA's Most Disliked Player 2011-12

Kris Humphries in the NBA's Most Disliked Player 2011-12 (

A few more days and the NBA is here.  If the season is anything like last year’s, buckle up.

Just in time, Forbes magazine ran a fan poll to determine who are the most hated players in basketball.  Here are the top 10, along with their percentage of haters.

It appears that the masses will be siding with Kim Kardashian in the divorce proceedings.  Kris Humphries is the current most disliked player in basketball, surpassing everyone’s favorite object of hatred, LeBron James.

Humphries was booed and mocked at the KnicksNets preseason game on Wednesday night.

But don’t fret, Heat-hating is still alive and well. James and his buddies Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade also made the list.  They might just be on it for a few years to come.

Then you have your usual cast of characters: Ron Artest, Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant, etc.

It helps to be on the L.A. Lakers or New York Knicks, too.

1. Kris Humphries (50%)

2. LeBron James (48%)

3. Kobe Bryant (45%)

4. Tony Parker (37%)

5. Ron Artest, aka Metta World Peace (36%)

6. Chris Bosh (34%)

7. Carmelo Anthony (27%)

8. Paul Pierce (25%)

9. Dwyane Wade (23%)

10. Lamar Odom (21%)

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