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NFL: Super Bowl XLVI Odds for All 12 Playoff Teams

Super Bowl XLVI  in Indianapolis

Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis (the uptownlounge.com)

Here are Vegas’ opening odds to win Super Bowl XLVI for all 12 playoff teams, via Bloomberg Businessweek.

The Green Bay Packers are the favorites, with the New England Patriots not far behind.  Both teams are on a bye this week.

Looks like Tim Tebow is going to need a little help from above.  The Denver Broncos (and Bengals) are sitting at 70-1.

Green Bay Packers 8-5
New England Patriots 7-2
New Orleans Saints 5-1
Baltimore Ravens 6-1
Pittsburgh Steelers 10-1
New York Giants 12-1
San Francisco 49ers 12-1
Atlanta Falcons 40-1
Houston Texans 40-1
Detroit Lions 60-1
Denver Broncos 70-1
Cincinnati Bengals 70-1
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