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The Best Women Boxers in the World: 2012 No. 1 Rankings

Ijeoma Egbunine of Nigeria is the No. 1 Women's Heavyweight in the World

Ijeoma Egbunine of Nigeria is the No. 1 Women’s Heavyweight in the World (boxrec.com)

Yesterday, Sports List of the Day checked out the best male boxers in the world (2012), by weight class.

Today, it’s the ladies’ turn.  Here are the updated No. 1 rankings in women’s boxing for 2012, courtesy boxrec.com.

There have been a few changes since we last looked back in June of 2011, but Ijeoma Egbunine remains the No. 1 Women’s Heavyweight.

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1. Heavyweight Ijeoma Egbunine “The Praise” Nigeria
2. Light Heavyweight Open Open Open
3. Super Middleweight Zita Zatyko “The Giant” Hungary
4. Middleweight Christina Hammer Germany
5. Light Middleweight Hanna Gabriel “La Amazona” Sweden
6. Welterweight Anne Sophie Mathis France
7. Light Welterweight Myriam Lamare France
8. Lightweight Erica Anabella Farias “La Pentera” Argentina
9. Super Featherweight Frida Wallberg “Golden Girl” Sweden
10. Featherweight Jelena Mrdjenovich Canada
11. Super Bantamweight Chanttall Martinez “La Fiera” Panama
12. Bantamweight Janeth Perez “Cuisilla” Mexico
13. Super Flyweight Ana Maria Torres “La Guerrera” Mexico
14. Flyweight Mariana Juarez “Barbie” Mexico
15. Light Flyweight Yesica Yolanda Bopp “Tuti” Argentina
16. Minimumweight Naoko Fujioka Japan
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