NFL: 10 Super Bowl Career Records (Offense)

Jerry Rice Holds a Bunch of Super Bowl Records

Jerry Rice Holds a Bunch of Super Bowl Records (

Just the other day we took a look at Super Bowl single game records.  Here are their career counterparts.

When you see Jerry Rice popping up all over the place on both lists, it is a measure of support for his being selected the No. 1 NFL player of all time.  Of course that’s up for debate.

What impact will Super Bowl XLVI have on the record books?  Well, Tom Brady will expand on his passes completed record.  He’s ahead of Kurt Warner and Joe Montana by 17 already.

Brady is off the passing yards mark (Warner) by about 150, so that record will likely go down.  He’s also four touchdowns behind Montana.

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1. Passer Rating Joe Montana 49ers 127.83
2. Passes Completed Tom Brady Patriots 100
3. Completion % Troy Aikman Cowboys 70.00
4. Passing Yards Kurt Warner Rams, Cardinals 1,156
5. Passing TDs Joe Montana 49ers 11
6. Rushing Yards Franco Harris Steelers 354
7. Rushing TDs Emmitt Smith Cowboys 5
8. Receptions Jerry Rice 49ers, Raiders 33
9. Receiving Yards Jerry Rice 49ers, Raiders 589
10. Receiving TDs Jerry Rice 49ers, Raiders 8

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