Kate Upton and Every Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Cover Girl (1964-2013)

Sultry Kate Upton is the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Cover Girl

Sultry Kate Upton is the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Cover Girl (kateupton.com)

Here’s a Valentine’s Day post for ya…

Sports Illustrated has been publishing its world-famous Swimsuit Issue since 1964.

Here’s a look at all the cover girls.  Click on the model to see the cover.

Elle Macpherson has graced the most covers – 5.  Cheryl Tiegs, Christie Brinkley, Kathy Ireland and Daniela Pestova are next with three cover appearances apiece.  Eight others have appeared twice.

CHART UPDATED: Feb. 13, 2013, to include Kate Upton’s 2013 cover. Upton is now the ninth model to appear two times on the cover and the first to appear twice in a row by herself since Elle Macpherson in 1987 and 1988. (Original post above from Feb. 14, 2012).

2013 Kate Upton
2012 Kate Upton
2011 Irina Shayk
2010 Brooklyn Decker
2009 Bar Refaeli
2008 Marisa Miller
2007 Beyonce’
2006 Veronica Varekova, Elle Macpherson, Rebecca Romijn, Rachel Hunter, Daniela Pestova, Elsa Benitez, Carolyn Murphy, Yamila Diaz
2005 Carolyn Murphy
2004 Veronica Varekova
2003 Petra Nemcova
2002 Yamila Diaz
2001 Elsa Benitez
2000 Daniela Pestova
1999 Rebecca Romijn
1998 Heidi Klum
1997 Tyra Banks
1996 Valeria Mazza, Tyra Banks
1995 Daniela Pestova
1994 Elle Macpherson, Kathy Ireland, Rachel Hunter
1993 Vendela Kirsebom
1992 Kathy Ireland
1991 Ashley Montana
1990 Judit Masco
1989 Kathy Ireland
1988 Elle Macpherson
1987 Elle Macpherson
1986 Elle Macpherson
1985 Paulina Porizkova
1984 Paulina Porizkova
1983 Cheryl Tiegs
1982 Carol Alt
1981 Christie Brinkley
1980 Christie Brinkley
1979 Christie Brinkley
1978 Maria Joao
1977 Lena Hansbod
1976 Yvette & Yvonne Sylvander
1975 Cheryl Tiegs
1974 Ann Simonton
1973 Dayle Haddon
1972 Sheila Roscoe
1971 Tannia Rubiano
1970 Cheryl Tiegs
1969 Jamee Becker
1968 Turia Mau
1967 Lynn Tindall
1966 Sunny Bippus
1965 Sue Peterson
1964 Babette March

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  1. John, as you know me well, and I know you do, I have slowly tgeotn tired and apathetic toward American sports leagues in general and their quest for power and money. The NHL lockout ended my (small) interest in hockey, baseball’s steroid generation has derailed that interest, and American Football, in general, has become of little to no importance to me. Instead I choose to support those that play for the love of the game, desire to create strong traditional values rooted in fan involvement and self-bread rivalries, and depends on a grass root movement over money marketing to grow the sport. That’s soccer in America. My first love is now my only professional love. So long Big 8 and Big XII rivalries and tradition, it was fun while we were young.

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