Longest Winning Streaks in NBA Playoff History

The 1988 Champion Los Angeles Lakers

The 1988 Champion Los Angeles Lakers

So the New York Knicks finally stopped their record longest losing streak in playoff history – 13 – by winning one against the Miami Heat a week ago.

Sports List of the Day had it covered with a post on the top 10 longest losing streaks in NBA playoff history.

But what about winning streaks?

The longest is 13, as well. In fact, the top streaks on both sides of the win-loss equation are similar. It appears, at some standard point, most teams’ luck changes.

It’s Magic’s and Kareem’s L.A. Lakers who own that longest win streak. The Lakers, after being down 3-2 to the Detroit Pistons in the 1988 NBA Finals, came back to win the last two games (and the title).

Then, in the 1989 postseason, the Lakers swept the Portland Trail Blazers, Seattle SuperSonics and Phoenix Suns en route to the Finals again – where they were swept by the vengeance-seeking Pistons.

Here are the top 10 longest winnings streaks in NBA playoff history. There goes Michael.

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1. Los Angeles Lakers  13 1988-06-19  1989-05-28 
2. Detroit Pistons  12 1989-05-29  1990-05-10 
2. San Antonio Spurs  12 1999-05-13  1999-06-18 
2. Los Angeles Lakers  12 2000-06-19  2001-05-27 
5. New Jersey Nets  10 2003-04-29  2003-05-24 
6. Minneapolis Lakers  9 1949-04-13  1950-04-08 
6. Los Angeles Lakers  9 1982-04-27  1982-05-27 
6. Chicago Bulls  9 1992-06-12  1993-05-17 
6. Chicago Bulls  9 1996-05-12  1996-06-09 
6. San Antonio Spurs  9 2007-05-28  2008-04-25 

Photo: latimes.com


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