MLB: Relief Pitchers with the Most Wins, All-Time

Hoyt Wilhelm

Hoyt Wilhelm

Here’s a tricky statistic: wins by a relief pitcher. These are the top 20 ever.

The more wins doesn’t necessarily mean the better reliever. For example, some of the greatest relievers of all time – Trevor Hoffman, Lee Smith, Bruce Sutter, Dennis Eckersley –  including the greatest, Mariano Rivera – don’t make the cut here.

But then again, you have Hoyt Wilhelm at the top of this list, and Goose Gossage and Rollie Fingers not far behind.

So, what’s the difference?

Well, era, longevity and blown saves.  This list is a mixture of relief pitchers who are servants to those parameters.

On the one hand, you have RPs pre-mid-80s when the standard outing was usually two innings or more, which provided more opportunity to notch a victory.  These pitchers also frequently entered games with the score tied, or even their teams down a run or two.

Secondarily, it appears length of service and blown saves are factors. Most of these guys played at least 14 years out of the bullpen, and many more than 18 years.

They’re also some of the all-time leaders in blown saves, which, in a statistical paradox, gives the pitcher a chance to enhance his line and pick up the win.

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1. Hoyt Wilhelm  143  227 
2. Lindy McDaniel  141  172 
3. Rich Gossage  124  310 
4. Bob Stanley  115  132 
5. Rollie Fingers  114  341 
6. Stu Miller  105  154 
7. Roy Face  104  193 
8. Dave Giusti  100  145 
9. Sparky Lyle  99  238 
10. Mike Marshall  97  188 
11. Gene Garber  96  218 
11. Tug McGraw  96  180 
11. Clay Carroll  96  143 
11. Phil Regan  96  92 
15. Kent Tekulve  94  184 
16. Dick Hall  93  68 
16. Johnny Murphy  93  107 
18. John Franco  90  424 
18. Don McMahon  90  153 
20. Julian Tavarez  88  23 


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