Opening Odds to Win 2013 NBA Championship: Miami Heat the Favorites

The 2012-13 Miami Heat are the Favorites to Repeat

The 2012-13 Miami Heat are the Favorites to Repeat

The 2012-13 NBA season is here! And already things are heating up.

If things continue on as they have in the first few days – the New York Knicks slamming the champion Miami Heat, the Western Conference favorite Los Angeles Lakers going 0-3 – there may have to be some adjustments to today’s list: the opening odds to win the 2013 NBA championship, courtesy

It’s essentially a three-horse race: Miami Heat, L.A. Lakers and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Want to see how things have changed from the beginning of last season? Check out last year’s opening odds.

Miami Heat  7-4
Los Angeles Lakers  2-1
Oklahoma City Thunder  7-2
San Antonio Spurs  12-1
Boston Celtics  12-1
Chicago Bulls  15-1
Indiana Pacers  20-1
Los Angeles Clippers  25-1
Memphis Grizzlies  30-1
Philadelphia 76ers  30-1
Denver Nuggets  30-1
Dallas Mavericks  50-1
New York Knicks  80-1
Brooklyn Nets  80-1
Minnesota Timberwolves  100-1
Charlotte Bobcats  100-1
Toronto Raptors  100-1
Washington Wizards  100-1
Detroit Pistons  100-1
Cleveland Cavaliers  100-1
Phoenix Suns  100-1
Sacramento Kings  100-1
New Orleans Hornets  100-1
Golden State Warriors  100-1
Houston Rockets  100-1
Portland Trail Blazers  100-1
Utah Jazz  100-1
Atlanta Hawks  100-1
Orlando Magic  100-1
Milwaukee Bucks  100-1



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  1. wala natong kapatawaran ahh..

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