Top 20 Highest Guaranteed Contracts in the NBA

Deron Williams: The Highest Paid Player in the NBA...Guaranteed

Deron Williams: The Highest Paid Player in the NBA…Guaranteed

Kobe Bryant is the highest paid player in the NBA this year at $27.8M. He’s also sitting on a three-year, $84 million contract that expires after the 2013-14 season.

The Miami Heat‘s Rashard Lewis, believe it or not, is proud owner of one of the 20 largest sports contracts in the world, at $126M over six years ending after 2012-13.

Unless something drastic happens, they’re both likely to get fully paid out. But it’s not all guaranteed.

Deron Williams, though, and Derrick Rose, never have to play another basketball game, and will each still walk away with over $90M in their pockets. They have the two highest guaranteed contracts in the NBA.

Super-rich Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov ($13.2B) also stuffed $89M in Joe Johnson‘s pockets.

It’s the Oklahoma City Thunder, though, that have guaranteed the most dough of any franchise. The Thunder feature three times in today’s list. So do the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls.

Here are the top 20 highest guaranteed contracts in the NBA.

It’s quite a different list than the 25 highest paid NBA players in 2012-13.

1. Deron Williams NETS $98,772,325
2. Derrick Rose BULLS $94,314,376
3. Joe Johnson NETS $89,295,016
4. Blake Griffin CLIPPERS $85,822,205
5. Russell Westbrook THUNDER $78,595,310
6. Kevin Durant THUNDER $73,656,502
7. Carmelo Anthony KNICKS $67,222,422
8. Amare Stoudemire KNICKS $65,039,680
9. Kobe Bryant LAKERS $58,302,954
10. LeBron James HEAT $57,202,500
10. Chris Bosh HEAT $57,202,500
12. David Lee WARRIORS $57,127,680
13. Dwyane Wade HEAT $56,019,000
14. Nene Hilario WIZARDS $52,000,000
15. Serge Ibaka THUNDER $51,253,062
16. Ty Lawson NUGGETS $50,544,529
17. Al Horford HAWKS $48,000,000
17. Joakim Noah BULLS $48,000,000
19. Carlos Boozer BULLS $47,100,000
20. Nicolas Batum TRAIL BLAZERS $46,121,500



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