NCAA Football: Most BCS National Championship Game Appearances and School Records

The Oklahoma Sooners Have Appeared in the BCS Championship Game Four Times

The Oklahoma Sooners Have Appeared in the BCS Championship Game Four Times

Notre Dame is set for its first BCS Championship Game. The Fighting Irish are awaiting their opponent, who will be the winner of today’s AlabamaGeorgia contest.

If Georgia wins, they will earn their first BCS Title berth, as well. Alabama, the reigning NCAA champion, is looking to make its third BCS Championship appearance.

The BCS (Bowl Championship Series), the current system that determines all Bowl opponents and the final two title contenders, began with the 1998 season.

There have been 14 BCS Championship Games. Fourteen different schools have participated, with the Oklahoma Sooners appearing the most: four times.

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UPDATED LIST: Through Alabama’s beatdown of the Notre Dame Irish in 2012’s title game. Will be updated again after Florida State meets (and likely beats, say the odds) the Auburn Tigers.

1.  Oklahoma  1-3  2000  Florida State
        2003  LSU
        2004  USC
        2008  Florida
1.  Florida State  4 1-2  1998  Tennessee
        1999  Virginia Tech
        2000  Oklahoma
        2013 ? Auburn
3.  Alabama  3 3-0  2009  Texas
        2011  LSU
        2013 Notre Dame
3.  LSU  2-1  2003  Oklahoma
        2007  Ohio State
        2011  Alabama
3.  Ohio State  1-2  2002  Miami (FL)
        2006  Florida
        2007  LSU
6.  Florida  2-0  2006  Ohio State
        2008  Oklahoma
6.  Auburn  2 1-0  2010  Oregon
        2013 ? Florida State
6.  Miami (FL)  1-1  2001  Nebraska
        2002  Ohio State
6.  Texas  1-1  2005  USC
        2009  Alabama
6.  USC  1-1  2004  Oklahoma
        2005  Texas
11.  Tennessee  1-0  1998  Florida State
11.  Nebraska  0-1  2001  Miami (FL)
11. Notre Dame 1 0-1 2012 L Alabama
11.  Oregon  0-1  2010  Auburn
11.  Virginia Tech  0-1  1999  Florida State

* Year noted is the year of the season. Since the BCS Championship Game is in January, at the end of the college football season, add a year to get the year of the actual game.



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  1. I’m an FSU fan and I had no idea we were that high up on the list…I figured more teams had made more trips than us!

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