Video: Top 5 NHL Players with the Most Stanley Cups – New Video Posts!

The Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup

First, thank you to my readers! You are the best. We have something in common – a love of sports history, stats, rankings, all-time leaders and the like.

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I try to bring you a new post every day. After over 650 (something published daily for nearly two years), and with everything else going on over here, it’s challenging to bring you the every day and keep it all fresh, if you know what I mean.

I’d like to add a little sizzle.

I have a solution that is going to keep delivering new sports knowledge to you every single day and that will also bring a more dynamic aspect to the sports lists: Video Posts.

The plan is to convert already-published  or new lists into original posts featuring video clips of some of the players, teams or events described.

Yes, it’s a cliche, but this will make the statistical info (which we all love, right?) come alive.

Stay tuned and follow me on Twitter @VinGetz for tweets on the new video lists! There will be many coming, filling in some of those placeholders you’ve seen (you know – those “Coming Up!” posts). More than one will be out today.

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Have a great weekend and enjoy the NFL Conference Championship Games, the return of the NHL or whatever sporting event is floating your fancy these days.

* * *

So, in honor of the NHL lockout ending, and opening night of the 2013 season tonight, here are videos of the top five NHL players with the most Stanley Cups

Based on the original post: Top 20 Players with the Most Stanley Cups.

* * *

1. Henri Richard – 11 Stanley Cups

* * *

2. Jean Beliveau – 10 Stanley Cups

* * *

3. Yvan Cournoyer – 10 Stanley Cups

* * *

4. Claude Provost – 9 Stanley Cups (here, in the 1959 Stanley Cup Finals)

* * *

5. Maurice Richard – 8 Stanley Cups

* * *

5. Red Kelly – 8 Stanley Cups

* * *

5. Jacques Lemaire  – 8 Stanley Cups (here, in the 1979 Stanley Cup Finals)

* * *



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