NFL: 10 Oldest Quarterbacks in Super Bowl History (Main QBs)

At 38, John Elway Became the Oldest Quarterback to Start (and Win) a Super Bowl (XXXIII)

At 38, John Elway Became the Oldest Quarterback to Start (and Win) a Super Bowl (XXXIII)

Yesterday, inspired by first-season starting quarterback Colin Kaepernick, Sports List of the Day ran down the youngest quarterbacks to start in the Super Bowl.

Today, the opposite. Who are the oldest quarterbacks to get the Super Bowl nod?

These 10 QBs all made it to the big game past the age of 35.

John Elway is the oldest quarterback to start (and win) the Super Bowl. He won both his rings at the ages of 37 and 38. Pretty amazing, actually.

Elway also was one of the youngest QBs to start the Super Bowl. He’s the only one to make both lists.

How about Kurt Warner making his third Super Bowl appearance at the age of 37? Does he belong in the Pro Football Hall of Fame? Of course he does.

UPDATED LIST: Peyton Manning is the 2nd oldest QB to steer a Super Bowl. The top two oldest – Manning and John Elway – did it in a Broncos uniform.

1. John Elway 38 Jun. 28, 1960 Broncos XXXIII 1999 W Falcons
2. Peyton Manning 37 Mar. 24, 1976 Broncos XLVIII 2014 L Seahawks
3. Johnny Unitas 37 May 7, 1933 Baltimore Colts V 1971 W Cowboys
4. Kurt Warner 37 Jun. 22, 1971 Arizona Cardinals XLIII 2009 L Steelers
5. John Elway 37 Jun. 28, 1960 Broncos XXXII 1998 W Packers
5. Rich Gannon 37 Dec. 20, 1965 Oakland Raiders XXXVII 2003 L Buccaneers
7. Fran Tarkenton 36 Feb. 3, 1940 Vikings XI 1977 L Oakland Raiders
8. Roger Staubach 36 Feb. 5, 1942 Cowboys XIII 1979 L Steelers
9. Earl Morrall
36 May 7, 1933 Baltimore Colts V 1971 W Cowboys
10. Jim Plunkett 36 Dec. 5, 1947 L.A. Raiders XVIII 1984 W Redskins

* This is the year of the game itself, Subtract 1 to get the year of the season.

By “Main QBs” in the title, I mean a significant impact on the game while it was still decidable. This includes starting the game or playing at least a half of the game or about. No quick subs or backup garbage time players.



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  1. John Unitas did not start SB III.

    • That is correct, Neil. Thank you. Appreciate my readers checking. It’s a one-man daily operation and I’m 99.9%, but an extra eye always helps. So, yes…Earl Morrall started Super Bowl III for the Baltimore Colts. He went 6-for-17. Unitas came in for the second offensive series in the 3rd quarter after Morrall’s 2 INTs and ineffectiveness. Unitas finished 11-for-24. Both Morrall and Unitas were main QBs in that game and that’s what I was getting at. Wanted to avoid any old QBs that came in for quick subs or garbage time when putting this together. The data is correct and what I think people are looking for, so I changed the title of the post. These are not the oldest starting QBs necessarily (Unitas is the only exception, by the way) nor the oldest QBs that made it into a Super Bowl game. They are really the oldest QBs that had a reasonable impact on the game and played, say, at least a half or about.

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