The 20 Most Valuable Sports Teams in the World

Manchester United is the Most Valuable Sports Team in the World

Manchester United is the Most Valuable Sports Team in the World

Forbes Magazine ranks the Top 50 Most Valuable Sports Teams in the World every year. Below are the latest top 20.

Manchester United continues to be the most valuable team in the world – the only one valued by the magazine over $2B. The Red Devils are followed by another world football club, Real Madrid.

In all, five world football teams make the top 20 – they are all in the top 11.

Twelve American football teams make the top 20, led by the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins.

The New York Yankees are the most valuable baseball team in the world. They and the Los Angeles Dodgers are the two baseball teams listed.

Finally, the F1 Ferrari team rounds out the top 20.

No NBA or NHL teams make today’s list.

But what about the San Francisco 49ers? New York Knicks? Boston Red Sox? Los Angeles Lakers? Pittsburgh Steelers? AC Milan? New York Mets?

They’re all in the Top 50. Check out my source, Forbes, to see where they rank.

1. Manchester United Red Devils $2.23 B World Football The Glazers
2. Real Madrid Los Blancos $1.88 B World Football Real Madrid Club Members
3. New York Yankees $1.85 B Baseball The Steinbrenners
3. Dallas Cowboys $1.85 B American Football Jerry Jones
5. Washington Redskins $1.56 B American Football Daniel Snyder
6. Los Angeles Dodgers $1.4 B Baseball Guggenheim Baseball Mgmt
6. New England Patriots $1.4 B American Football Robert Kraft
8. Barcelona Blaugrana $1.31 B World Football Barcelona Club Members
9. New York Giants $1.3 B American Football John Mara, Steven Tisch
10. Arsenal Gunners $1.29 B World Football Stan Kroenke
11. Bayern Munich Die Roten $1.23 B World Football Bayern Munich Club Members
11. New York Jets $1.23 B American Football Woody Johnson
13. Houston Texans $1.2 B American Football Robert McNair
14. Philadelphia Eagles $1.16 B American Football Jeffrey Lurie
15. Ferrari $1.1 B F1 Auto Racing Fiat
16. Chicago Bears $1.09 B American Football McCaskey Family
16. Green Bay Packers $1.09 B American Football Publicly Owned
16. Baltimore Ravens $1.09 B American Football Stephen Bisciotti
19. Indianapolis Colts $1.06 B American Football Jim Irsay
20. Denver Broncos $1.05 B American Football Patrick Bowlen



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