Super Bowl: Top 10 Running Backs with the Most Rushing Yards in a Single Super Bowl

Who Had for the Most Rushing Yards in a Super Bowl? This Guy..

Who Had for the Most Rushing Yards in a Super Bowl? This Guy.

Who ran for the most yards in a single Super Bowl?

Tough question.

The answer is the Washington RedskinsTimmy Smith – the only running back in Super Bowl history to rush for over 200 yards. Smith played in just seven games that season, his first in the NFL. He went on to play 15 more games in his career and that was a wrap.

Until Smith took over the top spot, the record holder was Hall of Famer Marcus Allen, who fell nine yards short of 200 in Super Bowl XVIII.

Another Redskin, John Riggins, finishes out the top three.

Here are the top 10 running backs with the most rushing yards in a single Super Bowl.

There are some classic names from the 1970s on the list: Franco Harris, Larry Csonka and Clarence Davis. Remember those guys?

It sure seems like this top 10 is going to be easy to crack. Somewhere along the line an RB (and certainly more than one) will rush for more than 124 yards.

Another “almost” certainty…if your running back runs for 120 yards or so in the Super Bowl, expect to win the game. The only loser on this list is Thurman Thomas, and really, the Buffalo Bills had their shot at the end of Super Bowl XXV and should have won it (remember Scott Norwood?).

1. Timmy Smith Wahington Redskins 204 2 XXII 1987 W Redskins 42 – Broncos 10
2. Marcus Allen L.A. Raiders 191 2 XVIII 1983 W L.A. Raiders 38 – Redskins 9
3. John Riggins Washington Redskins 166 1 XVII 1982 W Redskins 27 – Dolphins 17
4. Franco Harris Pittsburgh Steelers 158 1 IX 1974 W Steelers 16 – Vikings 6
5. Terrell Davis Denver Broncos 157 3 XXXII 1997 W Broncos 31 – Packers 24
6. Larry Csonka Miami Dolphins 145 2 VIII 1973 W Dolphins 24 – Vikings 7
7. Clarence Davis Oakland Raiders 137 0 XI 1976 W Oakland Raiders 32 – Vikings 14
8. Thurman Thomas Buffalo Bills 135 1 XXV 1990 L Giants 20 – Bills 19
9. Emmitt Smith Dallas Cowboys 132 2 XXVIII 1993 W Cowboys 30 – Bills 13
10. Michael Pittman Tampa Bay Buccaneers 124 0 XXXVII 2002 W Buccaneers 48 – Oakland Raiders 21

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