The Top 10 Most Hated Athletes in American Sports – 2013

Lance Armstrong and Manti Te'o - The Most Disliked Athletes in American Sports, 2013

Lance Armstrong and Manti Te’o – The Most Disliked Athletes in American Sports, 2013

Forbes Magazine is at it again with its annual report on the most disliked athletes in American sports. These are the top 10 in 2013.

There’s been a major shakeup in the list this year. A full half of last year’s athletes have been swapped out. And the most hated athlete in 2012, Michael Vick, has dropped all the way to seventh in 2013.

Vick has been supplanted by scandal. Admitted cheater Lance Armstrong and tall-tale teller Manti Te’o share the top spot this year.

Tiger Woods‘ lustful loins still have the golfer in hot water with fans, but again more recent headlines have pushed Woods’ past into the background a bit. He fell from second to third most disliked athlete in America.

I feel that both Vick and Woods have paid their debts and then some – one went to jail and the other lost his family. Both are putting major and true effort into making positive changes in their lives. How much more do critics want?

They, Kurt Busch, and dislikable mainstays Alex Rodriguez and Kobe Bryant are the repeat offenders in 2013. Armstrong, Te’o, Jay Cutler, Metta World Peace and Tony Romo were not on 2012’s list.

It just seems odd that Cutler is ranked so high. Fourth most disliked athlete in the country? That’s a bit much. Same for Metta World Peace, though a little more understandable. Still, his name is “World Peace” and the guy does seem a bit redeemed.

Tony Romo? That seems more like a backlash from Dallas Cowboys fans than a general nationwide dislike.

A bit of a change to note: In the past, these athletes were ranked by percent of respondents who disliked them. For the first time, they are inversely ranked by percent of respondents who found them (not-so) appealing.

1. Lance Armstrong Cycling 15%
1. Manti Te’o NCAA Football 15%
3. Tiger Woods Golf 19%
4. Jay Cutler Football 21%
4. Metta World Peace Basketball 21%
6. Alex Rodriguez Baseball 22%
7. Michael Vick Football 23%
8. Kurt Busch NASCAR 27%
8. Kobe Bryant Basketball 27%
8. Tony Romo Football 27%

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  1. Where’s Lebron? A good ol number 3


  3. Ray Lewis should be at the head of this list!!

  4. this list is crap. you’re missing the number one most disgusting athlete of all time. and i’ll take anyone of these guys from this list, & put Ben Roethlisberger the two time MVP RAPIST at number one as the most hated, & shouldn’t be allowed to play football again period!!!!!!!!!!!! but you know, he’s a good ole’ boy. they protect their own. whoever made this list, if they got daughters, they should be ashamed of themselves! and their daughters should never sleep with both eyes closed!!

  5. aidanfromworcester

    They missed some big names. Check it out and cast your vote.

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