NBA Playoffs All-Time Individual Stats Leaders

Two All-Time NBA Playoff Leaders - Tim Duncan and Ray Allen - May Be Destined to Meet in the 2013 Finals

Two All-Time NBA Playoff Leaders – Tim Duncan and Ray Allen – May Be Destined to Meet in the 2013 Finals

The NBA Playoffs are “Heat”ing up. Or are they cooling off? It looks like the San Antonio Spurs are going to cruise to their fifth NBA Finals appearance (they’re 4-0, by the way). Meanwhile, in the East – does anyone really think the Indiana Pacers are getting past the Miami Heat?

So Heat vs. Spurs in this year’s Finals? That might be pretty interesting, actually. If there’s any team with the skill and wits to overthrow the Heat, it’s Gregg Popovich‘s Spurs.

Speaking of, Tim Duncan has the most blocks in NBA playoff history. And look at that, the Heat’s Ray Allen has the most three-pointers in playoff history.

They’re listed below, along with all the postseason’s statistical leaders in the major categories. Packed mostly with Hall of Famers.

Games Robert Horry 244
Minutes Played Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 8,851
Minutes Per Game Wilt Chamberlain 47.24
Field Goals Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 2,356
Field Goal % Dwight Howard 60.1
Three-Pointers Ray Allen 330
Three-Point % Bob Hansen 50.0
Free Throws Michael Jordan 1,463
Free Throw % Mark Price 94.4
Points Michael Jordan 5,987
Points Per Game Michael Jordan 33.45
Offensive Rebounds Shaquille O’Neal 866
Rebounds Bill Russell 4,104
Rebounds Per Game Bill Russell 24.87
Assists Magic Johnson 2,346
Assists Per Game Magic Johnson 12.35
Steals Scottie Pippen 395
Steals Per Game Baron Davis 2.28
Blocks Tim Duncan 496
Blocks Per Game Hakeem Olajuwon 3.26
PER Michael Jordan 28.60
Turnovers Magic Johnson 696
Personal Fouls Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 797

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