Derek Jeter’s All-Time Postseason Rankings

Will Derek Jeter Play Again? Yes.

Will Derek Jeter Play Again? Yes.

Sad news in New York Yankee-land, and all of baseball. Derek Jeter will hang it up for the remainder of the season. He and Mariano Rivera will never play in the same game again, with the reliever retiring.

I wonder how a person can be a true baseball fan and not respect and esteem everything Jeter has been about. Let’s hope he comes back in 2014.

If he didn’t suffer the ankle injury at the end of 2012 that eventually would finish his 2013 season, Jeter would very likely have placed fifth on the all-time hits list behind Stan Musial, Hank Aaron, Ty Cobb and Pete Rose.

What’s most remarkable has been his postseason performance. Not just the consistency. Not just the drive to win. Not just the five World Series rings.

Jeter ranks first in 10 categories. Here’s the rundown.

Games Played 158 1st Jorge Posada 125    
At Bats 650 1st Bernie Williams 465    
Plate Appearances 734 1st Bernie Williams 545    
Runs 111 1st Bernie Williams 83    
Hits 200 1st Bernie Williams 128    
Total Bases 302 1st Bernie Williams 223    
      Manny Ramirez 223    
Doubles 32 1st Bernie Williams 29    
Singles 143 1st Bernie Williams 77    
Strikeouts 135 1st Jorge Posada 109    
Triples 5 1st (Tie) 8 Tied 4    
    (Furcal, Brett)        
Home Runs 20 3rd Albert Pujols 18 Manny Ramirez 29
      Reggie Jackson 18 Bernie Williams 22
      Mickey Mantle 18    
RBI 61 4th Albert Pujols 52 Bernie Williams 80
          Manny Ramirez 78
          David Justice 63
Walks 66 5th David Justice 64 Manny Ramirez 72
          Chipper Jones 72
          Bernie Williams 71
          Jorge Posada 70
Stolen Bases 18 6th Joe Morgan 15 Kenny Lofton 34
          Rickey Henderson 33
          Omar Vizquel 23
          Roberto Alomar 20
          Davey Lopes 19



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