MLB: Pitchers Who Have Hit the Most Career Home Runs

Wes Ferrell: Most Home Runs By a Pitcher

Wes Ferrell: Most Home Runs By a Pitcher

Wes Ferrell, who played mostly for the Cleveland Indians, but also the Boston Red Sox, Washington Senators I, New York Yankees, Brooklyn Dodgers and Boston Braves, hit 38 home runs in his career – most by a pitcher ever.

Bob Lemon, a career Cleveland Indian, hit 37.

These are the top 20 pitchers with the most career home runs. One caveat: every one had to be an official pitcher (and only that primarily) during the season when they hit their home runs.

So hybrid pitcher/players, like Rick Ankiel (18th below) had to pass that test.

Which leaves the obvious question: What about Babe Ruth?

Babe Ruth was not only one of the greatest hitters in baseball history (and arguably the greatest player of all time), but he was a phenomenal pitcher as well.

Ruth began his career with the Boston Red Sox as a pitcher, but he also played the outfield regularly during those years. For his first four seasons (1914-1917), Ruth started more games at pitcher than any other position. During those years, he knocked just nine home runs.

1. Wes Ferrell  38 
2. Bob Lemon  37 
3. Red Ruffing  36 
4. Earl Wilson  35 
4. Warren Spahn  35 
6. Don Drysdale  29 
7. Hal Jeffcoat  26 
8. Carlos Zambrano  24 
8. Bob Gibson  24 
8. Walter Johnson  24 
11. Bucky Walters  23 
11. Smoky Joe Wood  23 
13. Reb Russell  22 
14. Jack Harshman  21 
15. Milt Pappas  20 
15. Dizzy Trout  20 
17. Gary Peters  19 
18. Schoolboy Rowe  18 
18. Rick Ankiel  18
20. Early Wynn  17 
20. Jim Tobin  17 



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