NHL Hockey: Teams with the Most Regular-Season Conference Titles

The Detroit Red Wings and Philadelphia Flyers Have Won Their Respective Conferences More Than Any Other NHL Team

The Detroit Red Wings and Philadelphia Flyers Have Won Their Respective Conferences More Than Any Other NHL Team

Hey, hockey’s back.

Let’s catch up on some organizational league history – how NHL teams have been divided into divisions and conferences over the years.

First, there was the Founding Era (1917-18 through 1923-24), with three or four Canadian teams in one undivided league. Some franchises folded along the way. Others, like the Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs (first as the Arenas and then as the St. Patricks) and Ottawa Senators I survived into the next era and beyond.

The first American team, the Boston Bruins, joined in 1924-25, ushering in what I’ll call the American or Transitionary Era that lasted until 1941-42. During this period there were anywhere from six to 10 teams in the league. The New York Rangers, Chicago Black Hawks (as they were called then) and Detroit Red Wings joined the NHL during this era.

Between 1926-27 and 1937-38 the league was divided into the American and Canadian Divisions, with the teams split up as described, but the American era ended with seven teams in one league, only two of them Canadian – Canadiens, Maple Leafs, Bruins, Rangers, Black Hawks, Red Wings and the New York/Brooklyn Americans, who would fold at the end of 1941-42.

1942-43 began the Original Six Era. The six teams weren’t really “original” (only the Canadiens and Maple Leafs were from the founding era), but these six were the only teams in the one-division NHL for over 20 years – through the 1966-67 season.

Then, came expansion and the Expansion Era. The NHL doubled in size in 1967-68, growing to 12 teams from six the season before, including the Original Six in an East Division and the Philadelphia Flyers, Los Angeles Kings, St, Louis Blues, Minnesota North Stars (Dallas Stars), Pittsburgh Penguins and now-defunct Oakland Seals in a West Division.

The Buffalo Sabres and Vancouver Canucks joined in 1970-71. The New York Islanders and Atlanta (Calgary) Flames joined in 1972-73.

Another two teams – the Washington Capitals and Kansas City Scouts (New Jersey Devils) were added in 1974-75, the first season the NHL was divided into two conferences (with two divisions apiece) – the Clarence Campbell (or, simply, “Campbell”) and the Prince of Wales (or “Wales”) Conferences.

Four more current teams were added in 1979-80 – Edmonton Oilers, Winnipeg Jets I (Phoenix Coyotes), Quebec Nordiques (Colorado Avalanche) and Hartford Whalers (Carolina Hurricanes).

The Expansion Era, and its eventual 21 teams, lasted through the 1990-91 season. A handful of other teams joined during this era, too, and failed to make it.

Another round of expansion began in the early 1990’s, what I will call the Second Expansion or Modern Era – the current era, from 1991-92 to today.

The San Jose Sharks (1991-92), Tampa Bay Lightning (1992-93), Ottawa Senators II (1992-93), Florida Panthers (1993-94), Anaheim Ducks (1993-94, as the MIghty Ducks of Anaheim), Nashville Predators (1998-99), Atlanta Thrashers (1999-00, Winnipeg Jets II), Minnesota Wild (2000-01) and Columbus Blue Jackets (2000-01) have all been added since 1991-92.

In 1993-94, the conference names were changed to Eastern and Western. In 1998-99, the two-division per conference format gave way to three.

And there you have it.

A long way to go, but some cool information – and also necessary information for today’s post, teams with the most regular-season conference titles.

These are not the conference champs, as determined in the postseason – the two teams in the Stanley Cup. Below are the teams who finished the regular season with the best record in their conference (and thus home-ice advantage in each’s conference playoffs).

Since the expansion of 1967-68, the NHL has seen its fair share of parity. Take a look at all the conference title winners – pretty evenly distributed across most of the league.

But it’s the Detroit Red Wings and Philadelphia Flyers who have had the best record in their respective conferences the most – nine apiece. They’re followed closely by (of course) the Montreal Canadiens with eight.

1. Detroit Red Wings 9 Clarence Campbell 1991-92
      Western 1993-94
      Western 1994-95
      Western 1995-96
      Western 2001-02
      Western 2003-04
      Western 2005-06
      Western 2006-07
      Western 2007-08
1. Philadelphia Flyers 9 Clarence Campbell 1974-75
      Clarence Campbell 1975-76
      Clarence Campbell 1976-77
      Clarence Campbell 1979-80
      Prince of Wales 1984-85
      Prince of Wales 1985-86
      Prince of Wales 1986-87
      Eastern 1995-96
      Eastern 1999-00
3. Montreal Canadiens 8 Prince of Wales 1975-76
      Prince of Wales 1976-77
      Prince of Wales 1977-78
      Prince of Wales 1978-79
      Prince of Wales 1980-81
      Prince of Wales 1987-88
      Prince of Wales 1988-89
      Eastern 2007-08
4. Boston Bruins 6 Prince of Wales 1982-83
      Prince of Wales 1983-84
      Prince of Wales 1989-90
      Prince of Wales 1990-91
      Eastern 2001-02
      Eastern 2008-09
4. Edmonton Oilers 6 Clarence Campbell 1981-82
      Clarence Campbell 1982-83
      Clarence Campbell 1983-84
      Clarence Campbell 1984-85
      Clarence Campbell 1985-86
      Clarence Campbell 1986-87
6. New Jersey Devils 4 Eastern 1996-97
      Eastern 1997-98
      Eastern 1998-99
      Eastern 2000-01
6. New York Islanders 4 Clarence Campbell 1977-78
      Clarence Campbell 1978-79
      Clarence Campbell 1980-81
      Prince of Wales 1981-82
8. Buffalo Sabres 3 Prince of Wales 1974-75
      Prince of Wales 1979-80
      Eastern 2006-07
8. Calgary Flames 3 Clarence Campbell 1987-88
      Clarence Campbell 1988-89
      Clarence Campbell 1989-90
8. Chicago Blackhawks 3 Clarence Campbell 1990-91
      Clarence Campbell 1992-93
      Western 2012-13
8. Colorado Avalanche 3 Eastern 1994-95
      Western 1996-97
      Western 2000-01
8. Dallas Stars 3 Western 1997-98
      Western 1998-99
      Western 2002-03
8. New York Rangers 3 Prince of Wales 1991-92
      Eastern 1993-94
      Eastern 2011-12
14. Ottawa Senators 2 Eastern 2002-03
      Eastern 2005-06
14. Pittsburgh Penguins 2 Prince of Wales 1992-93
      Eastern 2012-13
14. San Jose Sharks 2 Western 2008-09
      Western 2009-10
14. Vancouver Canucks 2 Western 2010-11
      Western 2011-12
14. Washington Capitals 2 Eastern 2009-10
      Eastern 2010-11
19. St. Louis Blues 1 Western 1999-00
19. Tampa Bay Lightning 1 Eastern 2003-04
  Anaheim Ducks 0    
  Carolina Hurricanes 0    
  Columbus Blue Jackets 0    
  Florida Panthers 0    
  Los Angeles Kings 0    
  Minnesota Wild 0    
  Nashville Predators 0    
  Phoenix Coyotes 0    
  Toronto Maple Leafs 0    
  Winnipeg Jets 0    

Photos: ranklogos.com / sportslogos.net


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