NBA: Active Players with the Most Minutes Played Total (Regular + Postseason)

Kobe Bryant Has More Mileage on His Tires Than Any Other Active NBAer

Kobe Bryant Has More Mileage on His Tires Than Any Other Active NBAer

Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett have clocked over 50,000 minutes if you include the postseason. Wow. Ray Allen and Tim Duncan will reach that mark in 2013-14. How much can they possibly have left – and Kobe’s coming off that Achilles’ tear.

Yesterday, Sports List of the Day checked out active players with the most minutes played – but that doesn’t tell the whole story.

You have to include the postseason if you’re really going to determine the true mileage on these guys’ tires.

For example, Kobe Bryant has played 45,390 regular season minutes in his career – second most amongst actives, but since the Los Angeles Lakers make the playoffs pretty much all the time, Bryant has another 8,641 postseason minutes under his feet – most amongst actives. That’s a whopping number. In fact, it’s just 210 minutes off Kareem Abdul-Jabbar‘s all-time record of 8,851.

Today, it’s the top 20 active players with the most total career minutes played: regular season + postseason.

The top seven in the regular season are the same here, with just the top two switched up. After that, you can see where some players’ playoff experience has really upped their overall totals.

1. 2 Kobe Bryant 54,031 Los Angeles Lakers
2. 1 Kevin Garnett 52,834 Brooklyn Nets
3. 3 Ray Allen 49,945 Miami Heat
4. 4 Tim Duncan 49,597 San Antonio Spurs
5. 5 Paul Pierce 45,768 Brooklyn Nets
6. 6 Dirk Nowitzki 45,256 Dallas Mavericks
7. 7 Steve Nash 42,045 Los Angeles Lakers
8. 12 Shawn Marion 40,206 Dallas Mavericks
9. 13 Jason Terry 39,651 Brooklyn Nets
10. 10 Vince Carter 39,628 Dallas Mavericks
11. 8 Andre Miller 39,357 Denver Nuggets
12. 9 Antawn Jamison 38,996 Los Angele Clippers
13. 16 Chauncey Billups 38,020 Detroit Pistons
14. 19 Derek Fisher 37,848 Oklahoma City Thunder
15. 11 Juwan Howard 37,513 Miami Heat
16. 21 LeBron James 36,328 Miami Heat
17. 14 Joe Johnson 35,791 Brooklyn Nets
18. 17 Rashard Lewis 35,080 Miami Heat
19. 27 Tony Parker 34,975 San Antonio Spurs
20. 25 Richard Hamilton 34,598 Chicago Bulls

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