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LeGarrette Blount, Ricky Watters and the Most Rushing Touchdowns in an NFL Playoff Game

Ricky Watters' 5th Touchdown In A 1993 Divisional Playoff Game Against the New York Giants

Ricky Watters Had Five Rushing Touchdowns In A 1993 Divisional Playoff Game Against the New York Giants. That’s The Postseason Record.

Wow. The New England Patriots have advanced to the 2013 AFC Championship, defeating the Indianapolis Colts on the legs of LeGarrette Blount, who ran for 166 yards and four touchdowns. That’s the second most number of rushing TDs in an NFL playoff game.

The top honor belongs to Ricky Watters, who in January of 1994, punched it into the end zone five times for the San Francisco 49ers (and helped punch the New York Giants in the mouth, 44-3). The Niners, though, would lose to the eventual Super Bowl champion Dallas Cowboys in the NFC Championship.

So, Watters has five, and Blount has four…and 18 other running backs have scored three times on the ground in a single postseason game. Here they are, with the round, score and box score (click on the score).

The most rushing touchdowns in a Super Bowl game? That would be three by Terrell Davis for the Denver Broncos and the 1997 title.

Many thanks to my source, pro-football-reference.com.

1. Ricky Watters 5 San Francisco 49ers New York Giants DIVISION (1993) W 44-3
2. LeGarrette Blount 4 New England Patriots Indianapolis Colts DIVISION (2013) W 43-22
3. Ryan Grant 3 Green Bay Packers Seattle Seahawks DIVISION (2007) W 42-20
3. Shaun Alexander 3 Seattle Seahawks Green Bay Packers WILD CARD (2003) L 33-27
3. Mario Bates 3 Arizona Cardinals Minnesota Vikings DIVISION (1998) L 41-21
3. Napoleon McCallum 3 Los Angeles Raiders Denver Broncos WILD CARD (1993) W 42-24
3. Tom Matte 3 Baltimore Colts Cleveland Browns NFL CHAMPIONSHIP (1968) W 34-0
3. Terrell Davis 3 Denver Broncos Green Bay Packers SUPER BOWL XXXII (1997) W 31-24
3. Otto Graham 3 Cleveland Browns Detroit Lions NFL CHAMPIONSHIP (1954) W 56-10
3. Thurman Thomas 3 Buffalo Bills Kansas City Chiefs AFC CHAMPIONSHIP (1993) W 30-13
3. John Riggins 3 Washington Redskins Los Angeles Rams DIVISION (1983) W 51-7
3. Kenneth Davis 3 Buffalo Bills Los Angeles Raiders AFC CHAMPIONSHIP (1990) W 51-3
3. Adrian Peterson 3 Minnesota Vikings New Orleans Saints NFC CHAMPIONSHIP (2009) L 31-28
3. Franco Harris 3 Pittsburgh Steelers Buffalo Bills DIVISION (1974) W 32-14
3. Andy Farkas 3 Washington Redskins New York Giants DIVISION (1943) W 28-0
3. Emmitt Smith 3 Dallas Cowboys Green Bay Packers NFC CHAMPIONSHIP (1995) W 38-27
3. Curtis Martin 3 New England Patriots Pittsburgh Steelers DIVISION (1996) W 28-3
3. Larry Csonka 3 Miami Dolphins Oakland Raiders AFC CHAMPIONSHIP (1973) W 27-10
3. Larry Schreiber 3 San Francisco 49ers Dallas Cowboys DIVISION (1972) L 30-28
3. William Floyd 3 San Francisco 49ers Chicago Bears DIVISION (1994) W 44-15

Photo: AP via csnbayarea.com

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