Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and the Most Completions in NFL Postseason History

Tom Brady And Peyton Manning Are The Only Quarterbacks With Over 500 Completions In The Postseason

Tom Brady And Peyton Manning Are The Only Quarterbacks With Over 500 Completions In The Postseason

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, the top two most prolific postseason passers of all time, will meet in the playoffs for a fourth time this Sunday in the 2013 AFC Championship. Take a look at their head-to-head postseason record and stats here, and an overall playoff stats comparison here.

In the meantime, today’s post – the top 20 quarterbacks with the most completions in the postseason.

Brady and Manning are the only QBs with over 500 completions. Manning joined Brady just yesterday in the Denver Broncos win over the San Diego Chargers.

They, Brett Favre and Joe Montana are the only QBs with over 400 postseason completions. Pretty exclusive.

You’d think active quarterbacks like Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger or Eli Manning would be lining up for membership to these clubs, but they are WAY off. They might get to 400 (of course depending on how good their teams are), but 500 seems out of the question.

We’ll have to wait some time for the next generation or two of great passing quarterbacks to develop before seeing anyone within striking distance of the top. Perhaps a long time.

1. Tom Brady 566  2000-present New England Patriots
2. Peyton Manning 506  1998-present Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos
3. Brett Favre 481  1991-2010 Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings
4. Joe Montana 460  1979-1994 San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs
5. Dan Marino 385  1983-1999 Miami Dolphins
6. John Elway 355  1983-1998 Denver Broncos
7. Donovan McNabb 341  1999-2011 Philadelphia Eagles
8. Jim Kelly 322  1986-1996 Buffalo Bills
9. Troy Aikman 320  1989-2000 Dallas Cowboys
10. Kurt Warner 307  1998-2009 St. Louis Rams, Arizona Cardinals
11. Drew Brees 306  2001-present San Diego Chargers, New Orleans Saints
12. Steve Young 292  1985-1999 San Francisco 49ers
13. Terry Bradshaw 261  1970-1983 Pittsburgh Steelers
14. Warren Moon 259  1984-2000 Houston Oilers, Minnesota Vikings
15. Ben Roethlisberger 248  2004-present Pittsburgh Steelers
16. Matt Hasselbeck 237  1999-present Seattle Seahawks
17. Roger Staubach 223  1969-1979 Dallas Cowboys
18. Eli Manning 219  2004-present New York Giants
19. Aaron Rodgers 210  2005-present Green Bay Packers
20. Joe Flacco 207  2008-present Baltimore Ravens

* Includes Super Bowl completions where applicable.

Photos: Reuters via / David J. Phillip (AP) via


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