Clark the Cub and Major League Baseball’s Current Team Mascots (Part 1)

Introducing Clark The Cub, The Chicago Cubs' First Official Mascot

Introducing Clark The Cub, The Chicago Cubs’ First Official Mascot

The Chicago Cubs unveiled the franchise’s first official team mascot this week – Clark the Cub. He’s one of those kid-friendly fuzzy fellows.

There are a bunch of them all around the majors – both mascots, and goofy, fuzzy ones, too – and probably more than you know. In fact, 27 of 30 MLB teams have a mascot (or two or, in the Cincinnati Reds‘ case, four). Only the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Angels don’t.

Some mascots are cool. Some, not. Some don’t make any sense at all. You decide.

Today is Part 1 – from the Arizona Diamondbacks to the Miami Marlins – of Major League Baseball’s current (2014) team mascots – live and in person, too.

Tomorrow, Part 2 – from the Milwaukee Brewers to the Washington Nationals.

Click on the pics to see full-size images.

Arizona Diamondbacks (1 of 2): D. Baxter the Bobcat

Arizona Diamondbacks Mascot D. Baxter The Bobcat

Arizona Diamondbacks (2 of 2): The D-Backs Luchador

Arizona Diamondbacks Mascot D-Backs Luchador

Atlanta Braves: Homer the Brave

Atlanta Braves Mascot Homer The Brave

Baltimore Orioles: The Oriole Bird

Baltimore Orioles Mascot The Oriole Bird

Boston Red Sox (1 of 2): Wally the Green Monster

Boston Red Sox Mascot Wally The Green Monster

Boston Red Sox (2 of 2): Lefty and Righty

Boston Red Sox Mascots Lefty And Righty

Chicago Cubs: Clark the Cub

Chicago Cubs Mascot Clark The Cub

Chicago White Sox: Southpaw

Chicago White Sox Mascot Southpaw

Cincinnati Reds (1 of 4): Mr. Redlegs

Cincinnati Reds Mascot Mr. Redlegs

Cincinnati Reds (2 of 4): Rosie Red

Cincinnati Reds Mascot Rosie Red

Cincinnati Reds (3 of 4): Mr. Red

Cincinnati Reds Mascot Mr. Red

Cincinnati Reds (4 of 4): Gapper

Cincinnati Reds Mascot Gapper

Cleveland Indians: Slider

Cleveland Indians Mascot Slider

Colorado Rockies: Dinger

Colorado Rockies Mascot Dinger

Detroit Tigers: Paws

Detroit Tigers Mascot Paws

Houston Astros: Orbit

Houston Astros Mascot Orbit

Kansas City Royals: Sluggerrr

Kansas City Royals Mascot Sluggerrr

Miami Marlins: Billy the Marlin

Miami Marlins Mascot Billy The Marlin

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