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Major League Baseball’s Current Team Mascots (Part 2)

Mr. And Mrs. Met...And The Kids!

Mr. And Mrs. Met…And The Kids!

Let’s continue our look at all of Major League Baseball‘s official team mascots. Yesterday, in Part 1, we started with the Arizona Diamondbacks‘ D. Baxter the Bobcat and finished up with the Miami Marlins‘ Billy the Marlin.

Today Bernie Brewer leads the remaining mascots, all below. Click on the pics to see full-size images.

And why Mr. Met and the fam as the lead-in pic?

That’s because Mr. Met was MLB’s “first modern live-action mascot.” He spawned the others, apparently.

Milwaukee Brewers (1 of 2): Bernie Brewer

Milwaukee Brewers Mascot Bernie Brewer

Milwaukee Brewers (2 of 2): The Sausages (l. to r., Brett Wurst (bratwurst), Stosh (kielbasa), Guido (Italian sausage), Frankie Furter (hot dog), Cinco (chorizo))

Milwaukee Brewers Mascot The Sausages

Minnesota Twins: T.C. Bear

Minnesota Twins Mascot T.C. Bear

New York Mets (1 of 2): Mr. Met

New York Mets Mascot Mr. Met

New York Mets (2 of 2): Mrs. Met

New York Mets Mascot Mrs. Met

Oakland A’s: Stomper

Oakland A's Mascot Stomper

Philadelphia Phillies: Phillie Phanatic

Philadelphia Phillies Mascot Phillie Phanatic

Pittsburgh Pirates (1 of 3): Pirate Parrot

Pittsburgh Pirates Mascot Pirate Parrot

Pittsburgh Pirates (2 of 3): Captain Jolly Roger

Pittsburgh Pirates Mascot Captain Jolly Roger

Pittsburgh Pirates (3 of 3): The Pierogies (l. to r., Jalapeño Hannah, Sauerkraut Saul, Oliver Onion, Cheese Chester)

Pittsburgh Pirates Mascot The Pierogies

San Diego Padres: Swinging Friar

San Diego Padres Mascot Swinging Friar

San Francisco Giants: Lou Seal

San Francisco Giants Mascot Lou Seal

Seattle Mariners: Mariner Moose

Seattle Mariners Mascot Mariner Moose

St. Louis Cardinals (1 of 2): Fredbird

St. Louis Cardinals Mascot Fredbird

St. Louis Cardinals (2 of 2): Rally Squirrel

St. Louis Cardinals Mascot Rally Squirrel

Tampa Bay Rays (1 of 2): Raymond

Tampa Bay Rays Mascot Raymond

Tampa Bay Rays (2 of 2): DJ Kitty

Tampa Bay Rays Mascot DJ Kitty

Texas Rangers: Rangers Captain

Texas Rangers Mascot Rangers Captain

Toronto Blue Jays (1 of 2): Ace

Toronto Blue Jays Mascot Ace

Toronto Blue Jays (2 of 2): Ace, Jr. (r.)

Toronto Blue Jays Mascot Ace, Jr.

Washington Nationals (1 of 2): Screech

Washington Nationals Mascot Screech

Washington Nationals (2 of 2): The Presidents (l. to r., George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, William Howard Taft, Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln)

Washington Nationals Mascot The Presidents

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