Bubba Watson and Left-Handed Golfers That Have Won Majors

Bubba Watson's Second Green Jacket And The Ninth Major Win For A Lefty

Bubba Watson’s Second Green Jacket And The Ninth Major Win For A Lefty

Hardly any.

That’s the answer to how many left-handed golfers have won any of the four majors.

More precisely, it’s four. And you know three of them, most likely.

That’s because three of the four did it post-2003.

But the first left-handed golfer to win a major was New Zealander Sir Bob Charles. He won the Open Championship in 1963.

Forty years later (2003), Mike Weir won The Masters.

In 2004, Weir handed the Green Jacket to another lefty, Phil Mickelson – who went on to win four more majors (all together: three Masters, one PGA and one Open)

Which brings us to Bubba. Watson’s got two Green Jackets now, taking the 2014 Masters.

That’s it: four lefties and nine major wins.

None have ever won a U.S. Open.

1. 1963 Bob Charles Open Championship
2. 2003 Mike Weir The Masters
3. 2004 Phil Mickelson The Masters
4. 2005 Phil Mickelson PGA Championship
5. 2006 Phil Mickelson The Masters
6. 2010 Phil Mickelson The Masters
7. 2012 Bubba Watson The Masters
8. 2013 Phil Mickelson Open Championship
9. 2014 Bubba Watson The Masters

Photo: newyork.cbslocal.com


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