The 20 Highest Sports Team Payrolls in the World

The 2014 Los Angeles Dodgers Have The Highest Payroll In The World Of Sports

The 2014 Los Angeles Dodgers Have The Highest Payroll In The World Of Sports

Baseball and World Football (Soccer) rule the tops of the payroll charts. These two sports almost evenly comprise the entire top 20 of teams doling out the most dough to their players over their latest seasons.

Baseball is represented by nine teams, including the top two overall: the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees (see all 30 baseball teams’ 2014 payrolls here).

Manchester City of the English Premier League (third overall) ushers in the 11 European football clubs represented by England (English Premier League), Spain (La Liga), Germany (Bundesliga) and Italy (Serie A).

The Dodgers, Yankees and City are the only sports squads on Earth that boast payrolls over $200 million.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers Major League Baseball $241,128,402
2. New York Yankees Major League Baseball $208,830,659
3. Manchester City English Premier League $202,747,812
4. Barcelona La Liga $193,610,600
5. Real Madrid La Liga $189,660,944
6. Philadelphia Phillies Major League Baseball $179,521,056
7. Bayern Munich Bundesliga $173,922,091
8. Manchester United English Premier League $164,169,367
9. Detroit Tigers Major League Baseball $163,078,526
10. Milan Serie A $155,928,000
11. Boston Red Sox Major League Baseball $154,380,395
12. Chelsea English Premier League $151,342,140
13. Juventus Serie A $149,431,000
14. San Francisco Giants Major League Baseball $148,239,158
15. Arsenal English Premier League $148,204,312
16. Washington Nationals Major League Baseball $134,366,735
17. Texas Rangers Major League Baseball $132,491,596
18. Internazionale Serie A $129,940,000
19. Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball $129,427,700
20. Liverpool English Premier League $129,283,779

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