Manchester United and Football Clubs with the Most Premier League Championships

Manchester City Have Won Their Second Premier League Championship In Three Years

Manchester City Have Won Their Second Premier League Championship In Three Years

Well, Manchester City just won their second English Premier League title in three years – but it’s still only their second overall. The City has the hot foot of recent, for sure.

But the Red Devils still own Manchester and the League, itself. United has netted 13 EPL championships, by far the most.

The Arsenal Gunners and Chelsea Blues, both out of London, are next, tied with three apiece.

This is all only a small part of the whole story, though. The Premier League’s inaugural season was 1992-93, but it has been around in a few different forms since 1888: English Football League (1888-89 through 1891-92), English Football League First Division (1892-93 through 1991-92) and the Premier League.

For a club tally of all the championships since the very beginnings, straight through the Premier League to today, check out a previous Sports List of the Day post…Clubs with the Most English Football League Championships. Manchester United leads that one, too, but the race is much tighter. Liverpool‘s just two behind.

1. Manchester United 13 1992–93 Aston Villa
      1993–94 Blackburn Rovers
      1995–96 Newcastle United
      1996–97 Newcastle United
      1998–99 Arsenal
      1999–00 Arsenal
      2000–01 Arsenal
      2002–03 Arsenal
      2006–07 Chelsea
      2007–08 Chelsea
      2008–09 Liverpool
      2010–11 Chelsea
      2012–13 Manchester City
2. Arsenal 3 1997–98 Manchester United
      2001–02 Liverpool
      2003–04 Chelsea
2. Chelsea 3 2004–05 Arsenal
    2005–06 Manchester United
      2009–10 Manchester United
4 Manchester City 2 2011–12 Manchester United
      2013–14 Liverpool
5. Blackburn Rovers 1 1994–95 Manchester United



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