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Top 20 Left-Handed Pitchers with the Most Wins in Baseball History

Warren Spahn, Arguably The Greatest Left-Handed Pitcher Of All Time And Defintely The One With The Most Wins

Warren Spahn, Arguably The Greatest Left-Handed Pitcher Of All Time And Defintely The One With The Most Wins

There have been a whole lot of basketball and hockey posts around here of late, which makes sense with it being both the NBA‘s and NHL‘s postseasons, but it’s nigh time to start sprinkling in some posts of perhaps the grandest game of them all (or at least my sentimental favorite) – baseball.

Surprisingly, after nearly 250 posts on MLB, this one’s never been covered – and it’s got some surprises of its own.

These are the 20 left-handed pitchers with the most wins ever – a list that starts off with some of the greatest pitchers of all time (regardless of handedness) and finishes off with some respectable, though non-Hall of Famer, dudes, if you will.

Out of the 24 pitchers that have reached the 300-win plateau, only six were lefties: all-time lefty leader and sixth all-time, 363-win, Warren Spahn, long-time Philadelphia Phillies’ great Steve Carlton, Eddie Plank, recent Hall of Famer Tom Glavine, Hall of Famer-to-be Randy Johnson and the aptly-named Lefty Grove.

No wonder left-handers are so valuable – great ones are hard to come by. A by-product of this value? They’re often trade pieces or free agents looking for a payout and have a little longevity – enough to play for a good number of teams. Only two of the top 20 – the New York GiantsCarl Hubbell and New York YankeesWhitey Ford – played for one.

Stay tuned for plenty more baseball posts throughout the season.

1. Warren Spahn 363 Boston/Milwaukee Braves (356), New York Mets (4), San Francisco Giants (3)
2. Steve Carlton 329 St. Louis Cardinals (77), Philadelphia Phillies (241), San Francisco Giants (1), Chicago White Sox (4), Cleveland Indians (5), Minnesota Twins (1)
3. Eddie Plank* 305 Philadelphia Athletics (284), St. Louis Browns (21)
3. Tom Glavine 305 Atlanta Braves (244), New York Mets (61)
5. Randy Johnson 303 Montreal Expos (3), Seattle Mariners (130), Houston Astros (10), Arizona Diamondbacks (118), New York Yankees (34), San Francisco Giants (8)
6. Lefty Grove 300 Philadelphia Athletics (195), Boston Red Sox (105)
7. Tommy John 288 Cleveland Indians (2), Chicago White Sox (82), Los Angeles Dodgers (87), New York Yankees (91), California Angels (24), Oakland A’s (2)
8. Jim Kaat 283 Washington Senators (1), Minnesota Twins (189), Chicago White Sox (45), Philadelphia Phillies (27), New York Yankees (2), St. Louis Cardinals (19)
9. Jamie Moyer 269 Chicago Cubs (28), Texas Rangers (6), Baltimore Orioles (25), Boston Red Sox (7), Seattle Mariners (145), Philadelphia Phillies (56), Colorado Rockies (2)
10. Eppa Rixey 266 Philadelphia Phillies (87), Cincinnati Reds (179)
11. Andy Pettitte 256 New York Yankees (219), Houston Astros (37)
12. Carl Hubbell 253 New York Giants
13. Herb Pennock 241 Philadelphia Athletics (17), Boston Red Sox (62), New York Yankees (162)
14. Frank Tanana 240 California Angels (102), Boston Red Sox (4), Texas Rangers (31), Detroit Tigers (96), New York Mets (7)
15. David Wells 239 Toronto Blue Jays (84), Detroit Tigers (26), Cincinnati Reds (6), Baltimore Orioles (11), New York Yankees (68), Chicago White Sox (5), San Diego Padres (18), Boston Red Sox (17), Los Angeles Dodgers (4)
16. Whitey Ford 236 New York Yankees
17. Jerry Koosman 222 New York Mets (140), Minnesota Twins (39), Chicago White Sox (23), Philadelphia Phillies (20)
18. Jerry Reuss 220 St. Louis Cardinals (22), Houston Astros (25), Pittsburgh Pirates (61), Los Angeles Dodgers (86), California Angels (4), Chicago White Sox (21), Milwaukee Brewers (1)
19. Kenny Rogers 219 Texas Rangers (133), New York Yankees (18), Oakland A’s (21), New York Mets (5), Minnesota Twins (13), Detroit Tigers (29)
20. Earl Whitehill 218 Detroit Tigers (133), Washington Senators (64), Cleveland Indians (17), Chicago Cubs (4)

* Eddie Plank also had 21 wins as a member of the Federal League’s St. Louis Terriers in 1915, not included here.

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